Lately, I've noticed that my business is starting to consist of almost 90% of voice repair clients (speakers and singers.)

In fact, more and more, I am getting inquiries from people who have problems with their voice, and some of them more severe than others.

Many of them ruined it due to wrong application of their voice while incorrectly speaking and/or singing.
Others have acquired some kind of a virus-like strep throat infection or random various respiratory inflammations. Some people were even involved in weird accidents, like bicycle, car or construction; the results of which actually, physically, damaged their vocal anatomy.
Finally, some others had unrelated surgeries where the breathing tubes were installed incorrectly and thus, their throats were, literally, ruined.

However, independently of the cause, all of them have had some similar symptoms like raspiness, hoarseness, difficult and slow speech, and in some cases, slight or heavy stuttering/involuntary spasms. So, independently of the cause, all of them have been in need of a voice repair, and needless to say, all of them were hoping for a non-surgical solution.

Is it possible, you may ask?

My answer is that, in the majority of cases yes, but sometimes, a surgical procedure may be required, but the crucial point then would be to acquire a post-surgical care, to help the vocal anatomy to heal, and mainly, to relearn to speak and then sing, (applied to singers) properly, not excessively engaging into the use of the actual vocal anatomy itself. The rule of thumb is to learn how to use the alternative set of muscles, (like the facial and abdominal muscles), which will take the pressure of the sound upon themselves, and thus will relieve and release the vocal box from the pressure of the sound and will then allow it to heal.

Once that is accomplished, the voice will sound healthy, and mainly will be protected for life, as it will be lifted altogether from the once injured vocal anatomy. The facial muscles memory will be established and, so to speak, indexed, as well as the abdominal muscles' strength and memory, and thus, the sound will be secured between the coordination of the former and the latter.

That and the unique method of visualization, as well as integration and synergy between all of the muscle groups, will protect and secure the speaking and, if needed, singing voice for the lifetime.

Author's Bio: 

Diana Yampolsky is the world's foremost Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist. Through her revolutionary vocal technique, special exercises and natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, she can resolve most vocal problems naturally and prevent singers and speakers from having to resort to surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products that often produce unwanted side effects. As a true holistic practitioner, Diana works on the source of the vocal problem, rather than the symptoms.