You know what?! It really does not matter one little jot where you come from, your upbringing, what country you currently live in, what your mummy did or your daddy said…

It really does not matter in the end what has happened to you…

It does not matter that you have never done it before…

It does not matter the disadvantages you have!

None of that matters.

Unless you make it matter!

Because in the end, the ones who win are the ones willing to do what it takes to pursue their own definition of success!

The work always works.

Yes, as you go down the path of relentless effort, you will notice that certain things seem to come easier to others who do not have your particular hang ups from the past and then you can take a moment or two to relentlessly clear the nonsense in your brain that tells you what it thinks your limitations should be. And in fact, you had better do this internal work!

Because the work is not just the external, practical stuff – It is also the internal work!



I have clients who come work with me and they start working harder than they ever thought possible for them – they usually enjoy it, I must add! because they suddenly realise that they were capable of so much more than they ever thought possible and as they keep at the work, they start to see wins that they never thought possible. Why?

BEcuase the work always works and relentless effort ALWAYS levels the playing field!


Let me make it clear to you – the only thing that keeps you from everything you desire, is the work…

That is it!

And you have complete control over that!


No one can stop you from tkaing relentless action…

No one can make you be lazy!

No one can make you stop clearing your internal blocks!

No one has that power over you, unless you hand it to them by buying into sad stories or feeling of victimhood!

If you would simply refuse to start -stop all the time because you get caught up in some story about not being worthy and some other such nonsense then you might find that you will get to your rainbow’s edge a lot faster than you thought possible.

Do you know what your rainbow’s edge is, though?

Do you know what you really want?

Or are you still pursuing some other person’s definition of success? And wondering why it does not fill you with enthusiasm.

When last did you write out what you want to make happen?

And when last did you check to see that the effort you were putting in, is actually the effort you need to get where you want to go? Or are you blindly working hard on what you have always worked hard on?

There are lots of people in the world who work their socks off to stand still – Doing the same thing over and over gets you the same results over and over no matter how hard you work at it.

And why do they keep doing this?

Because they are only doing teh practical work.

They are not also looking to clear their fears and self-doubts and all that stuff and so they keep taking the same comfortable actions, while telling themselves that they are working hard and telling themselves that people like me are selling fairy tales and fluffy nonsenseical stories.

I am not.


the universe is not rigged to favour some and not you!

Stop believing such nonsense!

Again, relentless effort levels the playing field!

So, be honest, where are you holding back?

What simple actions could you take on a daily basis that would increase your reach, expose you, your products/services to a whole new audience?

What actions are you avoiding because of the nonsensical stories you are telling yourself?

Are you done yet?


Stop buying into the nonsense that you cannot get what you want.


The work always works…

Relentless effort levels the playing field!

It really is that simple.

Again, it really does not matter your background, it does not even matter where you are now – All that matters is “are you willing to give up the drama and simply focus on creating what you want from life?”

It is your choice!

It is not always an easy choice!

It is easier to hold on to your old sad stories because you think they give you an ‘out’ but why the heck would you want an ‘out’ when you are creating what you want?

I know why – I did it

It is all a little scary to go after everything you desire and there are always little niggles at the back of your head telling you that you may expend all this energy and still not get to your rainbow’s edge and so the temptation is to pull back and prove to yourself that you cannot do it.

Just STOP!

STOP IT, will ya?

What do you want?

Now, start taking relentless action to get it!

Clear all the internal blocks – RETRAIN THAT BRAIN FOR SUCCESS!

That is all

The end!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to.

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