When someone spends their time around people who have an open-heart, they are likely to appreciate being around them. Whereas, if they were to spend their time around people who were the complete opposite; there is the chance that they will feel uncomfortable.

This is because when people have an open-heart, there is a strong chance that they will behave in ways that are life affirming. Through being in their presence, it will be normal for one to feel accepted and their life will be a lot more fulfilling.


However, this is not going to be the case with everyone, and this can mean that someone will feel more at ease when they are around people who have a closed heart. If they were to spend their time around people who are the complete opposite, they might end up feeling uncomfortable.

These people could behave in ways that are life denying, and this could cause one to feel as though they can’t be themselves. It is then not going to be possible for them to feel accepted, and their life is not going to be as fulfilling as it could be.

The Need

What this shows is that even though one can have the need to receive something, it doesn’t mean they will be able to. Whether someone is able to allow something into their life will all depend on how their body feels.

Another way of looking at this would be to say that one needs to feel safe, and if they don’t feel safe, it is going to be more or less impossible for them to receive something. So if someone doesn’t spend their time around people who are open-hearted, it is going to mean that this is what feels safe.

Two Ways

When someone spends their time around people who are closed-hearted, it can be because their heart is also closed. They are then all in the same position, and there is no need for any of them to get in touch with how they feel.

If one was to spend their time around someone who is open-hearted, they might end up being repelled, and if they stayed around them, it might be too painful. Yet, as love is something that everyone needs to experience in order to thrive; it can be hard to understand why.

Being Loving

Being able to receive is a vital part of being able to give, and this is why they go hand in hand. When one has an open-heart, they will be able to receive, and it will be normal for them to give.

This comes down to the fact they won’t be running on empty, but all the time they are unable to receive, they won’t have anything to give. In this case, having a closed-heart won’t just have a negative impact on one’s own life; it will also have a negative impact on others.

Closed Up

The reason their heart has closed up could be because they haven’t taken the time to grieve a loss or a number of losses. Keeping love at a distance is then a way for them to protect themselves.

This is not to say that they are aware of what is taking place; as they may have disconnected from how they feel. Emotional pain will have built up within them, and keeping people at a distance will stop this pain from being triggered.


If one took the time to grieve, it would have allowed them to open their heart once again, and while this wouldn’t have happened overnight, it would have happened as time passed. In an ideal world, this would be a normal part of life, and something that one would go through whenever they experienced loss.

However, this process doesn’t always take place in today’s world, and it is then normal for people to disconnect from how they feel. It is often said that someone should simply ‘move on’ or ‘let go’, and while this may allow them to feel better in the short-term, it sets them up to suffer in the long-term.

A Battle

One’s mind is then in a battle with how they feel in their body, and even though they may believe that their mind can win, this is not possible. When it comes to experiencing change, the mind is often seen as the most important area, and this can then set one up to believe they can think their way out of grief.

This partly comes down to the fact that our feelings are often seen as being caused by our thoughts. But when one experiences loss, their heart is in pain, and this pain is not being caused by what is taking place in their head


During the grieving process, it will be important for one to surrender to how they feel as opposed to trying to force their pain away. The reason it is called a grieving process is because one needs to take one step at a time.

It is not something that can happen all in the one go, and this is because it would be too much to handle. Through going through their pain and not trying to go over it, it will be possible for them to open up once more.


If one doesn’t feel comfortable facing how they feel, they may need to reach out for support. This external support will then give them the strength they need to surrender to what is taking place within them.

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