Refresh Your Health And Beauty With Tomatoes
Tomatoes are rich in multiple different vitamins, which make them become a great food around the world to include in the regular diet. Tomatoes are full of vitamins such as A, C, B6 and K, and minerals such as folate, potassium, thiamin, niacin, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper, which are necessary to keep good health. Consumption of tomatoes regularly gives the health a boost. They can help boost stomach health, improve eyesight, protect against cancer, and reduce blood pressure, to name some of the benefits. Apart from that, you can use tomatoes to enhance your beauty. This food can do wonders for the hair and skin when added to your beauty routine. Tomatoes are naturally low in saturated fat, sodium, calories and cholesterol. They go well in sandwiches and salads, in sauces and soups, and as gravy for vegetables. Let me check out some benefits of tomatoes on health and beauty.

1. Reduce Blood Pressure
Reducing blood pressure is one of the most outstanding benefits of tomatoes on health. An Israelite researcher discovered that seeds of tomato bring about a remarkable drop in blood pressure. This research was spread over 8 weeks, where daily subjects ingested seeded tomatoes. It was noted that levels of their blood pressure dropped. Tomato seeds have an antioxidant named lycopene complex that enhances a drop in both diastolic (lower limit) and systolic (upper limit) by about five points.
2. Reduce Blood Sugar Levels
Tomatoes also help to reduce the blood sugar levels, so they are a super food for diabetics. Several studies have indicated that tomatoes comprise of the antioxidants that provide protection to the bloodstream and kidneys, two areas often affected by diabetes. They have very little carbohydrates, which curbs the urine glucose level. Fiber found in tomatoes has been shown to control blood sugar levels while chromium in it helps to regulate blood sugar.
3. Prevent Blood Clots
Tomatoes are a powerhouse of vitamin C, niacin, and lycopene, as well as have many health benefits. Fruitlow is derived from tomato seeds, which together with lycopene help to unblock and inhibit blood clots. Today, blood clotting is regarded as one of the main reasons for heart diseases. Luckily, tomato seeds help to prevent blood clots.
4. Boost Immune System
Both, tomato flesh and seeds have been credited as good immunity boosting properties. They help to avoid influenza and common cold, especially for males. Tomato seeds are powerful sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene and lycopene. Thus, they’re effective immunity boosting qualities
5. Improve Eyesight
As talked earlier, tomatoes and their seeds both are full of Vitamin A, which has often been related to excellent eyesight. A lack of this vitamin also causes night blindness. Recent research indicates that the vitamin A housed in tomatoes helps to reduce the chance of macular degeneration, an irreversible and serious eye condition. Plus, they can reduce the chance of developing cataracts. Moreover, with the phytochemical antioxidants zeaxanthin, lycopene, and lutein, tomatoes give the eyes protection from light damage.
6. Support Bone Health
Tomatoes are packed with vitamin K and calcium, so they are good for the bones. Both these ingredients are excellent for repairing and strengthening bones. In addition, tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which has been shown to promote bone mass. It is also a great way to beat osteoporosis, a disease causing bone fractures, deformity, and disability.
7. Ward Off Cancer
According to a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, eating more tomatoes helps to reduce the chance of prostate cancer. Also, according to another study from the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the anti-cancer advantages of tomatoes are maximized as cooked with olive oil. Plus, it may reduce the chance of other cancers such as lung, stomach, mouth, cervical, pharynx, esophagus, throat, rectal, colon, and ovarian cancer, thanks to the presence of the antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes.
8. Lose Weight
Tomatoes can also help you lose weight since they are have zero cholesterol and very low in fat. They also help the stomach fill up rapidly without many calories because they come with lots of fiber and water. Thus, if you’re planning to reduce weight, add lots of tomatoes to your basic diet. You can either eat them raw or add them to casseroles, salads, sandwiches and other meals
9. Lower Chronic Pain
Tomatoes consist of anti-inflammatory agents like carotenoids and bioflavonoids, so they can reduce chronic pain. A study found that consuming one glass of tomato juice every day can reduce blood levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) by 34 percent, which causes inflammation. Particularly, tomatoes are an excellent food for those suffering from degenerative, chronic health problems such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s as well.
10. Cure Acne
Tomatoes are effective at curing acne due to the presence of salicylic acid in them. Salicylic acid helps to dry up the acne. The astringent nature in tomatoes also helps rid the skin of the excess oil, which helps to lessen the acne. Furthermore, tomatoes own natural skin-lightening agents that can help to lighten acne scars.
Method 1:
Mash a ripe tomato at first and later spread its pulp on your affected area. After for 20 - 30 minutes, rinse it off using lukewarm water. For best results, repeat this method 2 or 3 times per day.
Method 2:
You can also mix tomato and cucumber juice in equal amounts. Immerse a cotton ball in the solution and then apply it on your skin areas that are affected by acne and acne scars. Let it dry naturally and rinse it off using lukewarm water. Repeat this method twice daily.
11. Treat A Suntan
According to a study published in 2001 in the Journal of Nutrition, dietary tomato paste fights against prolonged ultraviolet light-induced erythema. Tomatoes contain the high lycopene content that protects the skin from harmful sun rays, cools the skin and neutralizes its surface.
Method 1:
Mix tomato juice (2 tablespoons) with buttermilk (4 tablespoons) and apply this mixture on your skin. Wait for 30 minutes and wash it off afterwards. Do it once daily.
Method 2:
In a blender, put two large-sized tomatoes together with a half cup of yogurt and blend it well until you attain a smooth paste. Then, apply all over the sunburned part with the paste. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and use cool water to wash it off. Repeat the method once daily.
12. Clear Blemishes
Basically, blemishes can happen anywhere on your body in the form of dark spots or skin discoloration. Using tomatoes to clear blemishes is an easy yet effective way at home. Thanks to its skin-lightening and astringent properties, tomatoes are very beneficial for treating blemishes caused due to clogged pores. For this purpose, you mix tomato pulp (2 teaspoons) with a teaspoon each of yogurt and oatmeal. Gently rub this combination on the affected region and wait for 20 minutes. Finally, use cool water to rinse it off. It is suggested to follow this method once or twice per week.
13. Slow Down Skin Aging
Tomatoes come with the antioxidant property that lowers free-radical damage to make the skin looking healthy and young. Tomatoes also help the skin absorb more oxygen thanks to its rich source of lycopene, which postpones skin aging process and makes it less vulnerable to wrinkles. To nourish the skin from within, you can consume 1 glass of tomato juice every day. Alternatively, in a blender, put the pulp of a tomato with 1 ripe avocado and blend them until you achieve a smooth paste. Then, apply this mixture over your face and wait for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Lastly, use lukewarm water to rinse it off and gently pat dry your face using a soft towel. Apply this face mask once per week for maximum effects.
14. Deal With Oily Hair
Tomatoes come with the acidic nature that helps to balance the pH of the scalp. This is important for curbing excess oil secretion. In addition, it even helps to remove the foul odor - a common oily hair symptom. Simply, you just need to apply some fresh tomato juice on the scalp after washing your hair. Keep it on for ten minutes and use cool water to rinse the hair. Follow this natural way 1-2 times a week. This hair treatment is effective at treating dandruff, too.
15. Support Your Hair Health
Tomatoes can also make the hair look better. They are rich in vitamins that can help to strengthen hair and enhance hair growth. In addition, they help to balance the pH of the hair that is vital for healthy hair. Moreover, they can add a natural shine to lifeless, dull locks.
Method 1:
You can mix the paste of a tomato with two tablespoons of castor oil. Thereafter, apply it on the scalp. Wait for 30 to 45 minutes and wash the hair with the help of mild shampoo. It is advised to use this hair treatment one time a week.
Method 2:
You can also blend 2 tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil (1 tablespoon) and aloe vera gel (2 teaspoons of) into a fine paste. Later apply the paste on your scalp. After that, wear a shower cap for half an hour and wash your hair as normal. This hair mask should be used once a week.

In conclusion, remember to add tomatoes to your daily diet because eating tomatoes is a simple and delicious way to keep healthy whether fresh, juiced, stewed, pureed or sun-dried.

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Author Bio:
This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the most effective remedies for beauty and health issues.