If you belong to India, you might know that Kerala is known as the land of spices. The southern state of India prides itself on being called the spice hub of India. Kerala exports spices to different countries all over the world.

As per the history of spices from Kerala, the Muziris port in Kerala attracted global trade as per many historical reports. Spices from Kerala have maintained their distinctiveness for many years. In the last few years, the volume of spices exported from Kerala has increased many folds. If you want to know about the significant spices that are grown in Kerala, check this list:

Ginger from Kerala is one of the most versatile spices. In addition to adding flavour to food, ginger also has unlimited medicinal properties. It is a spice with a pungent smell. If you feel that the metabolism in your body is reduced, you can consume ginger to increase your metabolism. Ginger also helps the white blood cells in our body to fight against infections and microbes. These days, ginger is getting popular in the international market. People are also using ginger in baking cakes and adding flavour to biscuits, cakes, and cookies.

This colourful spice is also a natural antiseptic. This ancient spice is cultivated mainly in India. Turmeric not only adds colour to our food it also offers unlimited benefits for our body. Turmeric is also a natural cleanser for our bodies. Since ancient times, people have been using the cleansing benefits of turmeric. Turmeric is used in many beauty products due to its cleansing properties. If you want to lose weight or increase metabolism, you can drink a turmeric latte every day. Turmeric latte is prepared by adding turmeric to milk.

Turmeric is a spice with excellent digestive properties. It is also a spice with great stimulants. Since turmeric is rich in an ingredient called curcumin, it also offers relief against inflammation.

Most people think of nutmeg as a fruit rather than a spice. Nutmeg has a mild taste. People use nutmeg in baking cakes, fruit pies, sweet bread, cookies, and puddings. The distinct taste and aroma of nutmeg make it a pretty popular spice. In addition to being a spice, nutmeg also has industrial properties. The essential oil from nutmeg is also used in the manufacturing of industrial lubricants. Try to consume nutmeg in limited quantities. Consumption of nutmeg in higher amounts can lead to hallucination.

Star anise
Just like its name, a star anise is a star in shape. It is the pericarp of fruit that is removed before the fruit ripens. It has a rust colour, and this spice is available in different forms like whole and ground form. The fruit is dried and graded to get the star anise powder that is used as a spice. In addition to being a spice while cooking food, star anise also comes up with many medicinal properties. For example, it provides immediate relief against constipation. In addition, the antifungal property of star anise helps get rid of mosquitoes.

Cambodge is a sour fruit. It gets the form of spice only after multiple stages of processing, drying, and cleaning. People in India also know Cambodge by the name “Malabar tamarind.” Cambodge is mostly preparing delicious curries for meat. Cambodge has an antioxidant property, and it also works as an excellent catalyst for weight loss. The spice is also great for the treatment of different skin ailments. If you are facing issues like high cholesterol levels, the use of Cambodge can be highly beneficial.

Cumin seed
Cumin seed is a must spice that is used in almost all households in India. It is used in the initial phase of cooking. Although cumin is grown in Kerala, it is equally popular in all parts of India. Like all other spices we mentioned above, the consumption of cumin seeds can also help you in weight loss. In addition, regular consumption of cumin will also help you in reducing cholesterol levels.

Black pepper
Your spice box will be incomplete if you don’t keep black pepper inside it. Black pepper is a popular spice that is indigenous to India. Black pepper is the “king of spices.”It is one of the most traded spices all over the world. When pepper is paired with salt, it can instantly boost the taste of food. So if you don’t want to add chillies to your food, you can get spiciness by adding black pepper. Some of the significant medicinal properties of black pepper include anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant properties, and it also helps in better absorption of nutrients.

You won’t need to visit the dentist if you have cloves in your home. Cloves are primarily cultivated in Kerala. It is used in the production of different medicines, toothpaste, and soaps. Clove is also used in curing stomach ulcers.

So, these were some of the major spices that are grown in Kerala. Let us know if you want to know about the Kerala spice or purchase the best quality spices.

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