Recently Someone asked me

"Is there a difference between Real life and Reality?"

My response was; it depends on your definition of Real Life and Reality. My gut feeling is, real life is this game we play and call reality and ultimate reality is what some would call enlightenment.

As we start peeling away these limiting beliefs, as to who we think we are, we get closer glimpses of reality. Once we realize and understand that we aren't anything we think we are, we get a closer glimpse of what we are and reality.

I play a game with myself and I ask myself Who am I, I know any answer I get, I'm not that. Any answer I get to Who am I is a just a belief and no more real than any other fairy tale.

I'll try to give a better example;

If you attempt to describe god and give her a name, you have now confined and limited god to fit your beliefs. We do the same thing with ourselves, the only limitations we have are the ones we have placed on ourselves and typically by agreement with someone we have placed in authority.

"I'm not Who I think I am; I only experience Life through Who I think I am."

Author's Bio: 

Steve Dahl has traveled the world exploring cultures and beliefs, facilitating discussion groups, exploring consciousness and enlightenment.
Steve is also a certified Life Coach, specializing in relationships and business.