I often am amazed at the difference in individuals and their requirements for nutrition.

My training Buddy is like a camel and hardly drinks at all on a run and his favorite training food is white bread and peanut paste (with the crusts cut of and fig newtons). Apart from the obvious need to replace the expended carb and liquid requirements there is an emotional tie to foods consumed and also the location it has within the physiology of the individual.

Try telling a individual who has grown up with the physiology of a filling meal at the end of the training day is steak and eggs along with a bloated belly you can get the exact same nutrients from a meal of fruit and veg.

You not only need to shift the perception of what constitutes a nutritionally dense meal but also the phsycologicaly embedded feeling of feeling full and satiated.

There's a debate that I come across all the time about the quantity of fruit you need to possess inside your diet and some are almost have zealot fervour in the avoidance of fruit and the role it plays within the calorie intake of a diet.

As I say you're anyone and you will be different then your neighbour that's what makes the world a fascinating place, so you'll adjust to your own likes and dislikes for me I eat a lot of in season local fruits but only at particular times.

As an athlete for numerous years and I used the gels and goo's for their ease and instant energy gains,but now don't bother with them.
An interesting study has shown that by just having in your mouth a carb rich liquid it stimulates the the body to access more fuel sources. For me this shows the capability to use natural high concentrate sugar foods rather than manufactured product I am a fantastic fan of dates. Though what I reckon is a super food, that is still largely ignored and that's Chia seed.

Chia seed is an ancient seed that has been used by tribesmen for a source of energy and sustenance for many year. As a crop it is disease and bug resistant and does not require large amounts of chemical growth stimulants. You are able to put the seed into a water bottle is becomes quite glutinous but is easily digested a fantastic energy source.

You can mix it with fruit juices if you want. I am not a big juice fan so I just stick together with water.

I like to grind the seed to a flour kind consistency then spread it in a dehydrator and use it as slices. I put a mix I make up of soaked almonds (any nut that is your fancy) that I put through the grinder along with dates which forms a paste that I use as a spread. As an additional quick and easy energy source I roll them into balls and coat using sesame seed by tossing them into a bag together with the seed so they are covered.

I discover these will travel okay in a reusable plastic bag in a bum bag or cycle shirt pocket you can get to effortlessly.

I found that the much more water rich and nutrient dense food I have, on a plant based raw food diet I don't need as a lot additional water and don't have any real big flat spots in my energy levels.

I am not a marathoner or do do numerous events over the 3 hour mark so I am not able to give a initial hand account of sustained energy for longer distances though there are numerous lengthy distance endurance athletes available on a plant based diet.

By examining your mindset and nutritional requirements you may discover ailments that you have could be cured by changing your eating regime to a raw food plant based and exercise orientated lifestyle.

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