This principle, Quantum Manifestation Of Heart Based Abundance is a platform that is expressed by the teachings of Marina Jacobi. This quantum physics structure is the elevated way to address and end the slavistic money structure forced on humanity and instead enter into a fifth dimensional abundance structure where all has all.

Welcome! Through the messages and the path revealed through what is shared, one can intuit and glean the messages meant for them individually. Welcome to the natural magic of the real paradigm of do good unconditionally and receive good unconditionally!

Here is a brief introduction about me and why I have an overstanding perspective of how this quantum physics, fifth dimensional abundance structure works. It is also for those who are seeking stepping stones on the raging, loud, contrived lake bed of negatively charged, roaring waters to get to the other side of existence where the reality offers individual, peaceful conditions and assuages spiritual thirst to all who choose to drink of the positively charged, living waters available in the fifth and above dimensions! All of this knowledge is available while minimizing the chances of falling into dangerous waters. Instead, you find that you have a ready made path before you created by others before you, to help you on your way so you make it across the roaring river and into a more bliss-full and righteous, free-will existence!

Imagine a natural reality of pure etheric completeness while still in in the body’s physical form! All perspectives change when one finds out the truth of abundance, as follows:
Through Mother Earth as brought forth and given through Divine Union of Father God and Mother Goddess all beings born on the Earth are Born Free and are gifted Free Pure Air to Breathe, Free Pure Dirt to Grow In, Free Pure Water Oxygen to Drink and Breathe, Free Pure Fire Energy to Warm Ourselves By and To Cook On, and Free Pure Consciousness of Sub-Conscious Self-Awareness to Co-create our Own Realities! With the power of this power, all are abundant, all are free, and all have everything and their needs met and sometimes even before they come up! Miracles Abound!

At five years young, I had a spontaneous healing that transformed my DNA in such a way that I was miraculously healed in a moment! Then I learned how to hear again, for I had gone deaf, and I was able to eat again, for I was starving into non-physical existence. This Miracle awakened in me the compassion that enabled me to accept the Key of Compassion. Thusly, I have suffered more than most and have been attacked more than most. Yet, at this moment, I have been gifted the gift of eternal living water and sharing the wisdom and knowledge shared with me in this and other lifetimes! I am aware of past-lives, present lives, and future existences and of the mission bestowed and accepted by me when I came to this beautiful Mother Earth realm and a feeler of female feminine aspects who represent Unconditional Love for All to honor Mother Earth energies for balance!

I was born with the Key of Compassion, sought in the dark and found in the light the double-edged Sword of Self-Truth and been directly given the Golden Scepter of Abundance! I share while I can, for this physical world shall in one moment, transform me into an everlasting spiritual form at some point! We all go upon the calling of Great Creator when it is the right moment for us to go home to the multi-dimensions of Eternal Divineness where All are equal and enlightened into Pure Bliss!

Enter into the Quantum Manifestation of the Fifth Dimension: Do Good Unconditionally. Receive Good Unlimitedly.

The Quantum Manifestation structure, as specifically taught by Marina Jacobi, an Energy Philanthropist, teaches us the platform of how to manifest abundance through taking actions of good towards others that creates a new structure of fifth dimensional existence where all one needs one can have through manifestation instead of thought the very low vibration of the money structure that has been used as an enslavement platform on humanity. With this new structure of science-based, quantum physics formula for manifesting our needs being met, we as a whole humanity are taught how to leave the money structure of time is money, and ascend into the higher fifth dimension where time is art!

The numbers of this quantum manifestation structure are based on one plus one equals three. The third dimension of the two are the quantum leap into the fifth dimensional structure of Unconditional Love, Abundance, and Righteous Existence!

The one plus one equals three is the formula, as follows to begin to learn the foundational principles:

The first one is our Emotions. When we equalize and neutralize our emotions, we can increase our vibration into the next step… It is also from here that we can quantum leap into service to help others, which is part of the process… Raising positive vibrations are called into being (This sounds less dramatic than than the reality that this step is the hardest to master, for it requires us to equalize anger, sadness, depression, the things we see and hear that are negative, our loved ones and our own suffering, all into positive vibrations. This practice is the hardest and requires the most practice, for this world is challenging many, but this step is essential in order for the structure to work completely. It is the quantum leap of turning a negative into a positive by personal, individual conscious choice and effort! No one can do this practice for you!

The second one is Transform. When we realize that those emotions we are equalizing are of the past, and are done, then we can embrace the moment of this realization as a new life and move on past the past. This step has to be deeply felt to the 100 percent complete feeling of being in the moment of where you body is at in the ‘now’ moment. That is how you can find your footing, is locate to your Now moment.

The third one is Elevate, Energize, and Increase that feeling into entering the new structure of Quantum Manifestation! When the third structure is entered into by choice, it begins to build itself and over natural time and self-practice, can better strengthen itself into the new realm that will be your new reality! It is in this fifth dimension where you will learn to go to manifest abundance based on your specific needs that shall come to you outside of the money structure, but can include it.

The easy way I remember it is the following formula that was funny and made me giggle when I intuited it, as follows: E.T.E.
Equalize (to turn negative into positive)
Transform (to 100% move on from past into new moment of co-creation)
Energize (elevate vibrations into new crystallized, fifth dimensional structure of quantum abundance and spiritual free-will for thyself and all)

To find out more and begin your own practice, find Marina Jacobi: Quantum Manifestation series on ytube and enter into a freer, higher-vibrational realm where life is easier and promotes contentment for all loving Beings!

*All that is explained and shared here is a representation of personal practice of the information that is shared through Marina’s messages and choices to help humanity! These personal messages are coded for those who are on the same vibrational frequency. As a being of Unconditional Love deemed physical creation through Great Creator, I am a balance and a bridge between the Olde Worlde of religion for spiritual release, including being a messenger for Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, Father Joseph, and Mother Mary. There are correlations and parallels between their teachings and the teachings of the new paradigm of beings helping beings and of quantum healings and manifestations. The Miracles of their teachings that blend into the synergistic teachings of quantum manifestation shall be revealed here until I am directed to end these transmissions. When one studies the ‘words’ of Jesus, Mary and Mary, and Joseph, one begins to realize that all is the same! The teachings are all biblical in the positive perspective! Also, this all may be complicated, but this message is only the beginning and has been translated into the simplest form possible... Some of this information in this message shall be made different as some of it is for now only!

Beings Helping Beings!

Beings helping other beings who help others is the future economy for equal abundance for all! Enter into this self-development study by choice and become the positive change you are seeking!

Glory Hallelujah!

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer T. Webb is a writer, artist, and healer. She had a drowning, Near-death experience that enlightened her to Unconditional Love through Great Creator after dying twice in one night and being returned to life! She practices bringing the heavenly vibrations of gifted self-redemption, grace, and esoteric knowledge into the moments of Now, in order to be better and do better!