Energy and power can be aptly used only by pious people. Vile people always misuse it. In the past times it has been noted that achievements in the fields of knowledge and science have been misused. Via science war instincts have been encouraged. Via industrialization it is thought that amass as much wealth as possible speedily. Intellect is used for shrewd cunning activities. Energy and power is used to oppress the weaker section of world society. In a gist one can say that attainments have been misused.

Further this is exactly how scientific achievements have been misused. The results are there for all to see. There is pollution everywhere. Powerful people fearlessly behave unethically. Apt behavior and self control are totally forgotten. The attainments of today are given the name ‘shrewdness’. When the majority use certain ways of living it becomes a trend or fashion. Cunningness and unethical activities are ruling the roost everywhere. No one fears Almighty God’s wrath.

These unwholesome activities totally oppose world’s apt management. If there were no reaction for an action, darkness would rule the world. Justice would not exist. No one would fear sinning and everyone would loot each other for selfish gains. But this does not happen. The creator of this world has set rolling the law of reaction for every action executed. As a result man who insists on behaving unwholesomely has to face apt punishment. In the last century 2 world wars and 200 regional wars have been fought wherein such deadly weapons were used that people lost their lives, property and wealth. So much poison mixed with air and water that it was difficult to lead a normal life. Crimes augmented like floods. Bodily and mental health collapsed. Everyone was suspicious of one another because terror spread everywhere. Thus none could even breathe peacefully. Knowledgeable seers warn us that in future too situations may become worse.

Man was given many responsibilities but instead he insisted on crippling world management. He has been given responsibilities of a protector, gardener and one who instills development. Instead he has dirtied this gigantic garden called the world.

As long as man imbibed right actions and apt method of living everything was alright. Even nature was balanced. Situations were apt in every sense of the word. Such balanced times were called the Golden Era or Satyuga. There was mutual cooperation and affection between man and man and thus everyone benefited. Nature too blessed the world. No one faced calamities which result when nature’s balance goes haywire. There was joy and peace everywhere. As long as man did not cross limits everything was joyful and blissful.

There is a law that prevails in this world that where on the one hand wholesome activities/behavior are suitably rewarded there on the other hand when man gives up self control and acts in an unruly fashion then sooner or later he has to face bitter fruits of misdeeds. When children in school behave in an undisciplined manner the teacher in order to establish discipline has to act in a tough manner. Today this is exactly what is happening. Individuals and society are facing dire times and hardships. Due to erroneously snatching things from each other man faces lack of joy and peace. Agitated people in order to forget their sorrow indulge in addictions and sense merriment. But will this give us self contentment? Nature always has her hunter ready to whiplash unwholesome activities, else how can apt world management succeed?

The creator while creating the world decided that when man loses self control and starts acting unethically punishment will definitely be meted out even if it appears very harsh. Those who walk lopsidedly will definitely be straightened. Today this is what is happening. Almighty Lord by pouring hardships and natural calamities in the world is telling mankind that if he insists on misbehaving and acting unlawfully he will have to face dire consequences. Where on the one hand Almighty Lord has given 6 billion people of the world very wholesome material comforts there he has also made arrangements to punish us. It is well known that this will be called hard heartedness on the part of Almighty God yet he has to behave thus for apt world management. If today’s situations are studied minutely it is crystal clear that unethical activities have been encouraged openly and its bitter results are that man has had to face many problems and hardships since world management has gone awry.

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