With great power comes great responsibility. Fulfilling the task of a leader efficiently is not an easy task. A series of qualities and characteristics are required in a person if he intends to be a great leader. A leader could be a team, a top representative, a figurehead, an executive person of an organization or a company. While being able to handle a group of people, public speaking skills are the most basic quality that should be possessed by the leader.

How will public speaking skills help in making a good leader? Public speaking skills are the sole key to communicating with a bunch of people at the same time. It is very important for a leader to be able to make his opinions heard to the people within his organization as well as the people in the outside world. The businesses of today’s times cannot flourish unless they promise absolute transparency and the good public speaking skills of the leader will only help the people know that the company is as transparent as it can get. He shareholders are a prime responsibility of a business enterprise. Hence, it becomes the job of the leader to explain to the shareholders the various decisions taken by the management.

The charm of the leader helps him a lot in persuading the listeners about his plans and policies. It is a part of his business to be able to convince the members and all others that will be affected by the decisions that they are taken in the best of their interest. In case of disagreements and confrontations, the leader is expected to have the spunk to pacify the members and be able to help them reach a conclusion. If the leader possesses good public speaking skills, he can help the organization gain faith of the people by imparting information about the policies and strategies of the management.

The leadership potential of the leader surpasses the need for his public speaking skills. A good leader is the one who can set an example for his followers and lead them in an efficient manner. The lack of such leadership skills will have an adverse effect on his quality of leadership. The leader should be authoritative enough to be able to control the actions of his followers. Support as well as cooperation can be achieved by the leader by resorting to tactful and autonomous lines of thinking.

No good leader was ever born that way, leadership skills have to be developed and enhanced. The public speaking skills as well as leadership qualities of the leader are a result of constant learning, improvising, and taking efforts. the experiences that the leader goes through in his formative years also influence his leadership skills. It is the conviction and passion of every leader that makes him responsible, effective and worth of respect. A lot is expected from a leader and to fulfill all these he should be able to become a good figurehead in the first place.

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