How often do your peers tell you to walk tall, stand proud, keep your chin up to persuade you to make a good impact. In fact what these sayings demonstrate is how vital our manner and unspoken message is in communicating who we are to the world. For instance if you are rich your family may have enrolled you on voice production lessons as a child, which would have educated you on how to carry yourself with confidence to those around you. I envisage that the majority of you reading this did not get the benefits of decorum lessons. You, of course, do not have to articulate like Joanna Lumley to express confidence to the world.

What is important, though, is body language and tone of voice. First impressions do matter and there is a lot of fact behind this. It is said that within just 5 seconds of meeting someone we form a judgement that affects our behaviour. With an ever more aggressive employment market creating the right impression can make or break your chances of having a successful interview or conducting a successful business agreement.

If you watch Dragons Den you can observe how the most successful participants to the den are the ones who can put on a refined presentation. Because as well as having an eye-catching merchandise they also seem to be the sort of individual that a backer would want to trade with. The art to being a success in life is that we need to learn how to positively sell ourselves.

Here are examples on the do's and don'ts of selling yourself to prospective employers:

Don't -

  • hang your head down
  • slump your shoulders forward
  • avoid eye contact.

Do -

  • hold your head high
  • stand with your shoulders thrust back
  • always maintain eye contact

The best way to maintain eye contact with someone is by looking between their eyes. It gives the impression that you are looking at them directly, but are in fact staring between their third eye. So by maintaining eye contact when speaking and listening creates a sense of familiarity and sincerity between yourself and the other person. One recent study asked an assembly of investors what they looked for in a successful pitch. Ranked among the most looked for things was eye contact.

It is important to maintain your air of confidence at all times so that it becomes a normal characteristic of your behaviour. It applies in all situations as well as stressful ones. It is said that you see the measure of someone when their back is to the wall and I personally agree with that statement 100%. Some people begin to panic in stressful situations and choose to engage in activities such as blaming others and finger pointing; rather than looking for an answer to the problem in a logical and serene way. If you want to be an appreciated and efficient person in charge then the way you deal with stress is what will decide whether you are cut out for it. Remember if you choose the former over the latter you are displaying limitation and a lack of confidence. When you make a conscious attempt to stay composed under pressure then you are far more likely to project the right vibes to others.

If your outward facade is not a true mirror image of what is going on inside, you will still convey the right signals to motivate those around you. That is the remarkable thing about confident body language. With a simple signal you can arouse confidence and respect in those around you. So get out there and start building up your self-confidence now!

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Daly is a certified master practitoner in hypnosis, NLP and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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