Funny story actually, one night I had this really overly intense dream about being in a forest, and coming to this giant oak tree. The top of the tree turned into a three-headed dragon, and I had to battle with it.

Some days later I was walking through Barnes and Noble and came across a novella called “Slaying the Three Dragons” by Anthony Swano.

Obviously I had to acquire it.

It’s a really amazing book, the author is a devoted monk who is well versed in the principles of Raja Meditation. Coincidentally, I’m also writing an article about that right now– far out, huh?

Raja Meditation is basically about letting go of old fears and limitations, and allowing new, divine energy to come into you and re-sculpt you.

It follows 8 Points, called the “8 R’s.”

To be honest, I don’t exactly remember them all – if you want to know, buy the book. However, the main methodology is this

Relax and get into a deep meditative state
Let go of all your tension
Connect to the Infinite Source of Love
Allow that infinite and divine energy into you.

So there, official Raja follows eight, I gave you four. We can call it Diet Raja.

The main point of interest for the average source of reader I’ll assume to be steps three and four.

Well, here’s the gist:

The infinite source of love, the universe, the kosmos, Christ Consciousness – God – whatever you want to call it.

It exist in every moment of every day in everyone and everything.

So it’s not like it requires some ritual to tap into (although ritual is a very strong inductive mechanism, don’t get me wrong [and let me dismiss some negative connotation of the word ritual by saying that by my definitions, prayer is a ritual.]) it. You just have to let it flow into you, and be open to receive it.

I know that by placing a name like “The Infinite Source of Love” on the thing, it makes your expectations of what it’s going to feel like to connect with it to be some amazing, life shattering and re-birth type of event.

I mean, it totally could be, if that’s what is needed to happen in your life right now.

But don’t put some crazy expectation on it.

It could be just a really sublime form of happiness, or relaxation, or whatever.

Just let it happen, and let the insights it offers you be of real use to you and very helpful.

Don’t forget to say thanks and be grateful.

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