Do you know this easy way to build your own thought forms? Read on and discover how to use this very useful energy discipline today.

Energy can be built up and condensed into semi-permanent blobs of life force. These blobs of energy are generally referred to as thought forms, because they're essentially built out of 'thought stuff', raw life force moulded by your intention.

This is actually easier and more common than you might think - you don't need years of mind training to do so now.

The stronger your intent and the more energy you pour into the 'form', the stronger, more effective and longer lasting the finished energy organism will be.

Keep feeding them for years and you get progressively more stable, more seemingly intelligent entities which is a topic for a whole other article.

Here's how you can experiment with building your own thought form as follows:

Step One: Find a comfortable place where you'll have peace and quiet and can safely relax and close your eyes.

Step Two: Take at least 10 deep, full, relaxing, energising breaths. Slowly in and out, filling your lungs from the bottom up each time.

Step Three: Now continue this breathing pattern and imagine you are holding a globe of energy in front of you, about the size of a melon.

Step Four: Each time you breath out, imagine and feel energy flowing from your hands into this globe, making it brighter and brighter. Continue this for at least another 10 slow, deep, energising breaths.

Step Five: Mentally impress an intention into the globe - for example, you may like to experiment with infusing it with emotional moods and feelings, like giddiness, happiness, or peace and leave it positioned in strategic locations. You might like to do so without telling others what you're up to and see how their reactions and behaviour changes.

You can also imprint it with a specific outcome for example a new job, 10 new clients, or 3 new friends and use it as part of your manifesting routine. Feel free to experiment with the shape, colour and size of your thought forms. Balls of energy are generally easier to work with initially.

Optional Step Six: Hook it up with a psionics machine to keep the thought form charged whilst you're not actively using it. If you've yet to make one, simply check in on it mentally every so often and charge it with more energy as before.

Step Seven: Keep a note of your experiments in your Success Log.

There are more ways to use this one simple process than you'll ever find time for and as your skill in using energy and manifesting grows you'll realise you're only limited by your imagination.

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