Increasingly businesses are beginning to pay closer attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of their energy. In today’s world there are so many different options available to us, and businesses especially can benefit from paying close attention to their energy usage and efficiency.

By having your energy supply assessed you can both save money and increase the quality of your energy. With many businesses being able to benefit from efficient energy production, this process can also help your business to stay within current energy legislative guidelines and ensure that you avoid any fines or punishments.

Consult experts

There are a lot of complex investigations which are necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of your energy supply and thus it is always best to consult with experts. By using independent experts, you too can ensure that all options are being considered to truly maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your energy, and that no bias is given towards a specific approach or solution.

One major energy benefit that a company can gain from such a process is Power Factor Correction, which basically enhances the efficiency of your energy usage, and thus reduces cost. This power factor can be improved by using corrective equipment, which alters the way that your building utilises the energy source.

Although power factor correction could also be used in residential buildings, the amount of money saved often doesn’t justify the added cost of the installation. Within industrial buildings and large office blocks, however, where the volume of energy used is vastly increased, it can help to save huge amounts from energy bills.

Your power factor will be clearly displayed on your energy bill, and although it is not necessary to have a power factor of 1, it is certainly beneficial to have a rating of above 0.95. You may even be charged if your power factor is below a certain rate, as a result of the ‘Reactive Power Charge’, which punishes inefficient energy use.

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