Anxiety symptoms can spring on us when we least need them. We start sweating and our hearts start racing at an interview. We get a lump in our throat and butterflies in our stomach on a first date. Talk about bad timing. You're probably wondering why our bodies would sabotage us in this way.

It might be surprising to know anxiety symptoms are really just a product of the body's own natural defense against threats. The fire alarm goes off in the office building and you smell smoke. Immediately your physiology changes; you become stronger, your awareness heightens and your reactions quicken. You're ready to deal with the situation.

Unfortunately this ideal reaction isn't always what happens. There are times when we just freak out. Our stress response system is activated too often and in situations where it's not necessary. Just take a look around at the people in your workplace, stress is everywhere! You see, our natural response system hasn't changed since we've been on this planet.

Back in prehistoric times, man didn't have a mortgage to worry about or work issues. I doubt he would have been worried about health problems either. The only thing he feared was being attacked or eaten by a predator. Present day and we humans aren't up against saber tooth tigers but we do have threats nonetheless.

You see the nervous system is in need of evolution. Worrying and anxious thoughts are seen the same as a life threatening situation. Even the smallest issues are seen as threats. We burn the toast in the morning, we miss the train, we get embarrassed in the office, our favorite TV show gets cancelled; all of these little things are triggers for stress and anxiety.

Many of us live our days with a background of stress making us feel constantly on edge. We become easily irritated and find it hard to relax at the end of the day. Our appearance and behavior change; our posture drops, our voice becomes weak, this makes breaking free from anxiety symptoms even more difficult.

There are alternatives to treating anxiety symptoms other than prescription medication. Natural alternative therapies and treatments are also available. Therapy can make long-term behavioral changes. Symptoms of anxiety are really just sensations and feelings that anyone can learn to control.

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