Negativism is always limiting

You put on side cover and limit your view.

It’s easy to fall into the negative mode when things don’t come out the way you planned or are threatened by changes, but there lies an opportunity!

Hindrances can be opportunities in disguise

We often set ourselves a certain target that is on a level that is difficult to reach so when we are hindered to reach that specific goal it can be seen as an opportunity to reevaluate.

You could use the time to look through different angles at your project, you might even see something valuable to add to it and make sure that the quality of the work is what you want when the goal is reached.

Sometimes we get a second chance to work differently and when we come through we see that the delay was to our benefit. That helps us to enjoy and achieve life success.

Positivism attracts help

When you are in a dire strait and try to have a positive outlook it’s easier to ask for help and people seem to be more inclined to help the ones that are positive.

It make’s sense that a gloomy and depressed person is less likely to attract help than the one that sees the obstacle as a new opportunity.

Positivism makes things simple

What positivism also does is that all the projects and things we want to do become simpler and less complicated and actually doable.

Negativism creates mountains out of molehills and is based on fear of not being successful or at falling short or not proving to oneself to be worthy of a good fortune in life.

Positivism comes with trust

As long as you trust that you will be helped by life, no matter what has happened, you can hang onto your positivism. Make sure you enjoy and achieve life success.

Positivism helps you keep your health intact

Author's Bio: 

Agustina Thorgilsson, an expert in industrial psychology, began her career in 1979 as a consultant for internal affairs, communication and human resources development (HRD) with AB Volvo in Sweden. In 1988 she became the director for the Institute of Management Training, a division set up by the Ministry of Finance servicing all of Iceland’s public sector. She later founded a management training company that advised both public and private sectors on strategy, management and HRD issues, before completing a Masters degree in clinical psychology which led to the founding of Life-Navigation in 2005. From 2008 she held a teaching assignment at the Champagne School of Management in France for three years. In 2009 GWIIN gave her a Special Recognition Award for Innovative Achievements at the European Women Inventors and Innovators Conference, Helsinki, Finland. In 2010 Agustina hosted her own radio show on the VoiceAmerica™ and World Talk Radio™ Networks. Agustina’s vision is to help making the world a better place by showing people how to transcend even the most difficult life-experiences individuals can possibly encounter and move towards peace as a race. Having herself survived several excruciating life lessons she realized that she had come on top in spite of all odds. She had learned to use her intuition, insights and little used old knowledge known to man. By tapping into this endless reservoir of information and understanding clinical psychology, the evolution of the Life-Navigation System began. Agustina’s successes have shown that Life-Navigation makes an enormous difference.