A sad reality of this world is that there are lonely people everywhere. In this high technology world that we live in, so many things are digital and online. Don’t get me wrong, the Internet is amazing; however, it allows people to distance themselves from other human beings. People even date through online means! Though some people swear by it, the close loving interaction is different. Because today’s technology allows for and often creates distance, it sometimes can create loneliness.

Though loneliness is a difficult trial, it is possible to come out of it. How? Medication for depression or simply going to a yoga class every Saturday morning won’t always do the trick. People need constant interaction with another living being on a regular basis. This is why owning a pet is so beneficial to those who may have just moved to a new city where they don’t know anyone, or maybe someone who is struggling making friends at work. A pet provides many emotional and physical benefits to those who are experiencing loneliness.

For a lonely person, physical activity is key. Getting a dog allows someone to get up, take his or her dog for a nice brisk walk in the early morning air, or in the cool twilight after a long day’s work. Dogs love to take walks and be physically active, and getting the blood pumping a bit just simply makes a person feel better. Also, dogs have proved themselves to be excellent catalysts for conversation. They provide an excellent topic of discussion that in turn leads to an increase in social interaction with other people. When someone walks their dog, more often than not, they are stopped a few times to allow people to pet their dog, and this allows for a bit of small talk. Though it isn’t much, the gradual interaction with people and pets can ease a person’s loneliness, even if just by a smidgen.

Dogs also provide excellent emotional support. When a person has a city apartment all to himself or herself, it is easy to become lonely very quickly. If a person is willing to share their space with a pet, they have a friend always at home waiting for them when they arrive from work. This gives a person an excellent opportunity to feel needed; their pet relies on them for their food, their outdoor walks, and their affection. Dogs are very loyal and loving in nature, and they love to spend time sitting on the couch next to their owner or playing a solid game of tug-o-war or fetch. There is a reason why dogs are labeled as man’s best friend.

If you are ever lonely, or know someone who is, a pet truly is an ideal option for a cure. It allows a person to feel needed, loved, and a pet acts a catalyst for increased physical activity and social interaction. It opens many doors for change and purpose in a daily life. Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and what better cure for a lonely heart than a brand new puppy or dog in the home?

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