Positive affirmations -- do positive affirmations really work or not?

You may have heard that "affirmations do not work" or perhaps you find yourself wondering whether affirmations really work or how do affirmations work.

The answer of course is "it depends". It depends on the affirmation and it depends the person's level of belief ... or more accurately your level of disbelief.

If the affirmation you say or write doesn't feel true or believable to you, more likely than not it will not manifest for you. You have to "feel" good about your affirmations. So use how you feel when writing your affirmation in order to best achieve results.

If you write down an affirmation that really is not what you believe, you're going to have a natural resistance in your vibration or subconscious thought and so you will be thwarting yourself. So reword your affirmations in a positive way that is believable to you and then say it out loud EVERY DAY, several times a day (because affirmations said only once are not powerful enough to change your sub-conscious patterns of thinking).

For example, instead of saying "I am", if that feels off, substitute the words "I am in the process of" into your affirmation.

Affirmations help you mold yourself into what you want to become. Keep your affirmations open on the "how". When you state something freely and openly then there is no resistance as to how it can come to you. When we say "mold", we mean you are in effect changing yourself, so you need to establish this new you slowly and gently over time.

Also, be careful in your wording of your affirmation because if you aren't, you may go through some chaos as you achieve it. For example,if you want a new job because your current one is stressful, you may get the new job by being fired from your current one or even find yourself an even more stressful job.

In order to avoid chaos or the drama, work into your affirmation that you are achieving what you want in an easy, gentle way. So word your affirmation indicating you are finding a job that you will enjoy in a way that provide you positive change.

"I am in the process of finding a job that is fun and fulfilling and I am making the transition to that job in a relaxed, stress free manner."

Repeat this once a day every day if you have no resistance to saying it.

Remember also that if your job doesn't show up right away, that doesn't mean it isn't coming. Things have to line up first, which means you really have to truly know what it is you want ... otherwise you will not likely be in alignment with it.

So while you are waiting for the "perfect job", affirm to yourself that your current job is stress free and enjoyable. Now you are covered. You get less stress in your current job, while your perfect job is on the way.

Now you are out of the way in terms of how it happens. You may find that in the end you didn't need a new job, but just had to adjust to the changes in your current one. And once you learned to respond better to your circumstances things improved for you in all areas of your life.

We also hear about people using over 300 affirmations a day, and getting no results. The solution is to focus. Focus on something that is really important for you. In this case, less is more.

Finding relief from your current situation also may be the next step for you to achieving success. So start with an affirmation that you are discovering more joy or love in your life. Start with simple things.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation, you can repeat specific affirmations to help calm you down. Let's say you are stressed, then affirm you have "peace and calmness" soaking deep into your being right now. Take a few minutes to see yourself soaking in that wonderful energy. Those quick positive affirmations are handy, so be ready to use them.

It can be very simple to work with positive affirmations if you take a simple easy does it approach with no resistance in the words. A lot can be done right now to make your next 12 months a positive experience just by starting today to write out your key affirmations for the next 12 months.

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