What is self-worth? Well self-worth is a belief in yourself, a positive belief that you are as worthy as anybody else. You must remember that people from all walks of life might have the negative belief that they are not worth much. For example you could be as rich as Croesus, but if you don't like yourself you will probably end up taking hard drugs, drinking too much hard liquor and other harmful activities that will eventually kill you.

On the other hand you might come from a working class family, but have great respect for yourself and rise from obscurity into great fame and fortune. A good example of someone with self-worth is Rosa Lewis (1867-1952, a British chef and owner of the Cavendish Hotel, Jermyn Street, London. Rosa left school at 12 and went into domestic service. She worked herself up from scullery maid into a first class chef. She cooked for Edward VII and one of her employers was Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill's mother. She was also called the "Queen of Cooks" by the renowned chef August Escoffier who, she claimed, taught her to cook. So it is important to remember that self-worth is an essential feeling within yourself and not something you can acquire from outside influences.

Below are positive ways to increase feelings of self-worth:

• Having a goal/s is a great way to get self-worth. If you have a goal do something each day, however minor, to achieve it.
• Do not feel guilty for the past. What I mean is don't feel guilty for some minor upset you may have caused someone in the past. Learn self-forgiveness because we all make mistakes.
• Before retiring to bed, write something down that you feel delighted about that you have done in the past or present.
• It is always a good idea to communicate to someone how much you appreciate them. The person will appreciate your honesty and you will feel noble because of it.
• It is important to learn the ability to say "no" without upsetting the person requesting.
• Don't let people take advantage of you. This may be hard at first but if you want people to respect you and to gain self-worth you can't let people walk all over you.
• Don't procrastinate. If you want to do something, do it. For example if you want to learn a new skill do it now or otherwise you never will. Procrastination makes you feel ashamed of yourself which is not good for feelings of self-worth.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Daly a master practitioner in NLP, hypnosis and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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