Some days it seems that everything and everyone is against you. You start off by spilling coffee down your clean shirt, then you can't find your keys, every traffic light is red, everyone around you is in a bad mood and you're glad when the day is over.

On other days, though, it seems that everything goes right. You sail through green lights, the last sandwich in the shop was the flavour you wanted and people help you and smile at you.

Of course you can't always have complete control over events and your surroundings but you can certainly have control over how you react to them and how you feel about them.

Some people have a very negative outlook on life - sometimes for a good reason. They expect things to go wrong and can give you good reasons why they have that expectation. They will be right - some things will go wrong. However, the important factor is that they are focusing on the things that are going wrong and not paying any attention to the things that go well.

If you have a negative outlook, then here are some ways you can make it more positive. I can't promise that your life will be like a fairy tale, but it will allow you to enjoy any good things that come along, rather than letting them be overshadowed by the bad things.

One simple step to get you into this mindset is to write down one good thing that happens to you every day. Get a nice diary or notebook and at the end of the day reflect on the good things that have happened. You only have to write down one thing but you can add others if you like.

On some days it might be a struggle to find something good that has happened. But, it might be that you got wet going home rather than on your way out so you could get dry quickly rather than having to spend the whole day in wet clothes. It might be the smile on another driver's face when you let them into the queue of traffic that you were stuck in.

As you get used to acknowledging even small highlights in your day, you should become more aware of those good things and focus less on the negative side of your life.

I'm not devaluing your feelings if you are having a tough time, but being able to bring some balance into your life makes you more resilient and able to cope with things more easily.

If you have difficulty believing that anything good can happen in your life then I would recommend seeking professional help - in whatever form seems most attractive to you.

Hypnotherapy is one therapy that can help. It enables your mind to take a rest from the daily grind and helps you to think about things in a more positive way.

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Stiles is a hypnotherapist based in Bristol, UK but working with clients worldwide. As well as seeing clients individually, she also offers hypnosis downloads and web seminars on a range of subjects.