If one is into self-development, positive thinking is going to be something they are familiar with. But even if this isn’t the case, this is still likely to be something that one is familiar with.

It could be something they have heard of and that’s about as far as it goes, or it could be something that defines their life. This is going to mean that some will use it periodically and others will use it practically all the time.

When they come across people who are negative, they might end up telling them to ‘think positive’. If one doesn’t ‘think positive’ and they are around someone who does, they could soon change or they could end up being repelled by them.

The Saying

It is often said that if one smiles, the world will smile with them. Based on this saying and many others like it, one has a reason to be happy or ‘positive’. If they are unhappy or ‘negative’, the world will give them more reasons to carry on being the same.

As one’s thoughts can define how they feel and feeling good feels better than feeling bad, thinking positive is clearly better than thinking negative. If one does think negative they are not going to feel good and the world might not ‘smile with them’ either.

Two Reasons

This shows that there is the difference that will be made on the inside and what takes place on the outside. When one uses their thoughts to lift them up, they could be more likely to move forward and to achieve their goals.

One’s inner support will then be backed up by the support of others who are drawn to their positivity. What is taking place externally will then validate how they feel on the inside and this could then cause them to feel even better.

Inner Dialogue

Whether one is aware of what is taking place in their head or not, it is still having an effect on their life. What goes on here will define what one does or doesn’t do and will play a big role in how successful they are.

As a result of this, one cannot afford to ignore what is going on in their head; this doesn’t mean one has to become obsessed. They simply need to be their own best friend as opposed to their own worst enemy.


When one has positive thoughts their inner dialogue is going to be supportive and this will also have an effect on their self-image. It could also be said that one’s self-image will play a part in how one talks to themselves.

What this means is that it works both ways - so how one talks to themselves will affect their self-image and their self-image then affect how they talk to themselves. But if one hasn’t got a positive self-image, then it will be important for them to change their inner dialogue.

A Common Outlook

It is often said that it is what’s going on in one’s head that is defining how they feel. This means that it is one’s thoughts that are in control of how they feel. Based on this outlook, if one wants to feel good they will need to ‘think positive’.

If they feel bad it is because they are having ‘negative’ thoughts and that’s all there is to it. Therefore, whenever one feels bad or down it will be important for them to have positive thoughts and then before long, they should feel better.

A Half Truth

One then makes sure their inner dialogue is on their side and once this happens, their feelings will also change. Like a torch that one shines on what they want to see, their thoughts will trigger the feelings they want to feel.

However, while it is said that one’s feelings are caused by their thoughts this is a half truth. Their feelings can also cause their thoughts and this means that if one is trying to change how they feel by how they think, they could be doing more harm than good.


If one believes their thoughts are creating their feelings, then ignoring how they feel is not going to be seen as a problem. As their thoughts created their feelings in the first place, by thinking differently, one will just feel different.

But by thinking differently and not acknowledging how they feel, one can end up denying how they feel. Their feelings won’t just disappear; they might end up being pushed out of one’s awareness and staying in their body or what is typically known as the ‘unconscious mind’.

Emotionally Disconnected

Positive thinking can then cause one to disconnect from how they feel and this means their mind is no longer working with their emotional body. Instead, their mind is in direct option and a split has then occurred.

If they do feel good, it could have nothing to with how they really feel and everything to do with the fact they are avoiding their true emotional experience. This doesn’t mean that one has to allow their ‘negative’ emotions to control them, what it means is that one contains how they feel.

Emotional Containment

Here, one is aware of what is taking place in their body and doesn’t deny what is taking place. What is taking place in their body is seen as information and as something that can guide them to the answers they need to move forward.

The reason they feel as they do could be because they are carrying trapped emotions in from their body. Therefore, if one denies how they feel not only are they disconnecting themselves, they’re sabotaging their own growth.

When one deals with how they feel, it could cause their mind to settle down, their self-image is likely to improve and their inner dialogue will also change for the better.


Thinking positive doesn’t have to mean that one denies how they feel - one can think positive and embrace how they feel. Through this, can be a whole human being and not someone who is dead from the neck down.

If one doesn’t feel comfortable with their emotions it could mean they have an emotional build up or an experience that needs to be processed. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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