The popularity of newspaper and magazine horoscope has paved its way for Daily horoscope apps, that can be downloaded on smartphones for easy accessibility.

Everyone loves to read their daily horoscope if they can get their hands on it. Even if the skeptics talk loudly about your destiny being in your own hands, most people firmly believe that there is a guardian angel in the stars that guide them in the right direction.

These guardian angels are actually the stars and planets whose movements have a profound effect in forming your fate. It thus makes sense to be aware of their transition or retrograde and how it may have an effect on the houses in your birth chart.

For those of you who have restricted your knowledge of astrology to only reading your zodiac signs, must realise that astrology has been a very valuable system of understanding human nature since ancient times. The alignment of the stars and planets affect every individual's mood, personality, and environment. While zodiac signs will give you a broader perspective of how the day may proceed for you, the birth charts give a more detailed and precise prediction.

The birth chart uses the exact time and place of birth of the native and based on that, the astrologer can extrapolate the character traits, career, health, marriage etc of the native. The exact position of the sun, moon, and stars at the time of birth are calculated and on the basis of that predictions are made. Since the birth time, along with place, would be unique to a native, each birth chart is like a finger print-exclusive and personal for the native.

Today, there are numbers of software that have been developed for astrology. The free daily horoscope app available online can be downloaded on a smartphone so that you can have access to your horoscope at any time you would want to. The daily horoscope app sends you your prediction for the day, on the basis of your zodiac sign, which is personalised by your birth date. The Zodiac Sign, also called the Sun Signs or the Star Signs, refers to that period of the year, when the sun is passing through one of the twelve, 30-degree celestial zones as visible from the earth.

Reading your daily horoscope can give you insight on what the day will be like for you. You can take guidance based on the Indications and also alter the way you act or think, to change your life for the better. Do remember that your daily horoscope is not a fortune-telling app. It simply predicts or indicates the right time to do something. If you miss that moment, you may have to wait for a similar one when the stars and planets will be aligned again in the same fashion.

If you download a good free daily horoscope app, you can have access to your yesterday’s prediction and also the coming few days so that you can correlate the events unfolding for you and act accordingly for a positive result.

The good apps will also give you information of the daily planetary movements, daily panchang and a choice of language to choose from.

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