Bhadra Yoga

Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga or Bhadra Yoga is formed when Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn planets are present in the quadrant in their own signs or in an exalted sign. As these Yogas are formed from either of these five planets and hence is called Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. For each and every planet a special name is given to describe it.

Bhadra Yoga is formed with Mercury planet is called as Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. When this Yoga is created by Mercury, the native is bestowed with intellectual abilities and power of knowledge. One of the five Mahapurusha Yogas is Bhadra Yoga, this Yoga comes under the category of highly auspicious Yogas and the person with this Yoga gets wealth, fame and happiness. They will have sharp astuteness, fashionable, clever, seem as though a noble man,be commended by the educated people, be a decent speaker.

Mercury is delicate and malleable so the other terrible attributes like ravenousness and so on creep into Bhadra Yoga. Accordingly the individual will be fragile and with lustrous skin. There are signs like Gemini and virgo represent the arms, chest and digestive tracts or abdomen of the kalapurush. The are fit and fine with these organs. The natives who bought into the world of Bhadra Yoga will have the substance of a tiger, Majestic gaint of an elephant, a monsterous wide chest, rounded arms, commanding and get to know of family, friends and wellwishers, and reach upto old fashioned age of 80 Years.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a well known astrologer from south India, has experience of 30+ years of experience in astrology and Horoscope.