During the summer, one of the most anticipated events by everyone are summer vacations. Whether it is at the beach or a pool, it excites everyone. Now, one of the hardest things to do during these times is to pack everything you need for the vacation. There are some who forgets a lot of things but there are those who forget one thing, but forgets most important one. To help you prevent this, here are some of the essential supplies to bring for a summer vacation that you may want to include in your list.

Swimsuit & Swim shoes
Of course, the first things that you need to put in your bag are your swimsuits. It is always a good idea to bring a couple of them so you have choices and backup in case you need one. Swim shoes are a good idea to bring too especially when you are going to the beach. These shoes will protect your feet from hot sand and shells that can cut your feet. Summer arm covers are good too; it will protect your arms from the harsh sun and will prevent arm tan lines.

Sunscreen is essential not only if you're going to the beach. It is very important that you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. When you are at the beach, apply it 20 or 30 minutes before you arrive so it has time to fully penetrate the skin. Reapply it often to prevent sunburns and over tanning.

Another important thing to bring is sunglasses. Not only do they look good and make a fashion statement, they will protect your eyes from the sun too.

Just like the sunscreen and sunglasses, you can use hats to cover your face and hair from the sun too. This will prevent dryness on your skin and hair damage as well so it is truly beneficial.

Cover ups
You can bring cover ups too so you can be able to cover your body if you don't want to be always seen in your bikinis. You can also use them as like a blanket for sun bathing. It is good to wear them during night strolling at the beach too.

Flip flops
You can never go to the beach without flip flops. Those cute flip flops will protect your feet from sea shells and hot sand and will definitely look good with your bikinis and board shorts while strolling at the beach.

Beach bags
Where do you put all those stuff I mentioned above? Beach bags! Beach bags are usually big bags that are made of cloth. This is very convenient because you can put a lot of things inside and it will not add any weight to your things.

There you go. Those are the main things that you should bring if you are going to a summer vacation. All those things will provide you protection and will help you look good while enjoying the heat of the summer. Have fun!

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Dan Houghton is the author of this article about swim shoes and arm covers.