Online counselling
You must have already heard of online counselling in today’s world. Online counselling is the process of getting help for your emotional and mental health issues via the internet either through a website or a mobile app etc. With the internet now accessible in almost every corner of the world, online counselling has become much more popular and also much more effective.

How does it work?

The services offered to depend on the platform or expert you see, but usually include:

Messaging via text: With this option, you're able to send messages to your counsellor anytime through a third-party platform. The counsellor will reply as soon as they're able, though some platforms do guarantee a response within a certain amount of time.

Live text, video, or phone sessions: These are scheduled in advance and are typically conducted through the app itself. They give you and your counsellor a chance to communicate much as you would during a traditional in-person session.


Its effectiveness depends on the mode of communication and the expertise of the professional majorly. That said, there is research that shows that talk counselling can literally change your brain, strengthening the connection between regions of the brain that can help reduce symptoms and support recovery. And a separate study found that talk counselling can work as equally well as antidepressants during the initial treatment of moderate to severe depression. So far, multiple studies -- though still preliminary -- find that online counselling can be equivalent to face-to-face care.

So how will it help you?

There are many advantages to opting for online counselling. And its always good to get a grip on your emotional wellness using online counselling or psychotherapy. Few of the advantages are –

• You have an opportunity to describe your situation too, and hear feedback from, someone who has no vested interest in your life.

• They can bring perspectives that you may not have considered.

• They can teach strategies for coping and dealing with difficult issues that may be unique to you, but quite common for your counsellor or therapist.

• They are professionally trained to help you. They are excellent at establishing therapeutic boundaries and relationships, which are very different than a friendship, in that you remain the focus of the interaction.

• You can talk to expert counsellors and therapists right from the comfort of your home. Its never been more convenient to get professional help.

Which are the best apps for online counselling?

While there are many apps which can be used for helping you with your emotional and mental health issues, we are listing a few of them which have been quite effective and well designed. These are by far the best online counselling apps of 2020 for India. They have professional psychologists and will help you with all your counselling needs. They are listed in the order of preference.

Aurum :

best Anxiety Management mobile apps of 2020

It’s one of the best online counselling apps globally however it is focused on India. They have their own unique programs on stress, anxiety, depression management and others. It’s based on Cognitive Behavioural Counselling (CBT) which is the most well-adopted approach to tackle emotional issues like stress, anxiety etc. They have a good panel of psychologists and counsellors and have experts for different areas of counselling. The experience of counselling is wonderful and all this at probably the most affordable prices you will find online. This makes Aurum the top app of online counselling anywhere in the world right now especially India as the company is located there and all professionals are from India.


With over 3,000 trained, experienced and accredited counsellors covering a range of areas – from depression and anxiety to family and couples counselling – it’s never been easier to receive personal, professional help when you need it. It is available in India however not originally from India.

These are the benefits of online counselling. Also, these are the top apps which you can download now to get into an online counselling. It's quite easy to enrol into any one of these apps and getting help for your issues has never been easier. The apps are all good in their own way and any one of these would be quite useful for anyone looking for online counselling. You can try a couple and settle in on the one which makes you feel most comfortable. Go ahead and try online counselling right away,

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