Let’s start by realizing life is what we make of it. We get to choose what we want as long as we are aware we have that choice. Once we are aware we will always choose what is best for us and never turn back.

Most of us however, live in a world of conditions allowing our lives to be dominated by what is happening around us believing that “it’s just the way it is.” Life is out of our control; we’re just a victim of circumstance. Not so…

Here’s why…

We live in an inside out world. What we believe and feel inside is a direct reflection of how we perceive our outside world.

The thoughts, beliefs and feelings we hold to be true are most often what we have been programmed with from childhood. They’re not our truths; they are the truths that belong to our parents, teachers, siblings, society and culture transferred down to us.

As kids we are like little hungry sponges and soak up, without any filter, everything that comes our way. With years of repetition and practice these beliefs become core components we hold to be true about ourselves, other people and the world. As adults these beliefs become part of our daily lives and some, consciously or unconsciously, create the results we want but others create experiences and outcomes we do not want.

These paradigms from childhood and some from later in life too, are what keep us stuck.

It’s the pull we feel to stay safe, in our comfort zone, don’t rock the boat for fear of change, failure, disappointment, etc.

In our human experience the brain pipes up every time, without fail, informing us this is outside our known territory and that means danger. I’ve heard we have about 5 seconds or less to move from an inspirational idea into action before our brain kicks into full gear and sabotages any change of behavior.

You’ve felt this right? Every time change comes along there is the sense of fear for the unknown. How will it work out, can I do this, is this the right decision, what if I fail!

And Yet…

We are discontent with our current circumstances. We long for something more or better in our lives. We long for a fulfilling relationship, time and money for vacations or even just to pay the bills. Maybe you would like a new house or a better job.

This is the push of the Universe; the push of life itself seeking more.

The Talmud says that every blade of grass has an angel leaning over it saying grow, grow, grow and that blade of grass will press through cement seeking the light. That same life force is within you.

Wanting more is the most natural thing in the Universe. It is our nature to be a freer, fuller, more expanded version of our self. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

“To Change our lives we are often pushed by pain until we are pulled by a vision” ~ Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith

So how do you move from that space of being stuck – knowing what you want and yet not seeming able to make yourself go for it? How do you close the gap? How do you discover your greatness? How do you solve these problems that feel so overwhelming?

Well as a Certified Transformational Coach and Intuitive Counselor I offer a proven, repeatable, reliable system that will help you do just that, called the DreamBuilder Program. Combined with personal time spaced mentoring and learning how to tap into your intuition, you will be amazed how fast you can move from where you are now to making your dream a reality.

But for now let me give you three practices you can begin doing right now to help you start navigating the gap to a better life, a lot easier.

1. Make Fear Your Friend

The number one obstacle most everyone faces is fear. Remember our brain is wired to stop us from doing things that are uncomfortable, uncertain or scary. Learning to recognize our fear as a friend, something that is making us aware we are on the green growing edge of something great… That’s a good sign! We are growing!

No one moves forward without facing some fear. It is how we address that fear that makes all the difference in the world and our life. We can choose to face some discomfort in moving toward our dream or we can choose to let the opportunity for growth pass us by always wondering “what if.” When we choose the former, our job is to learn how to move from those ideas that could change everything, into acting on it. Recognize and acknowledge your fear and take action anyway!

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off of your goal” ~Henry Ford

2. Gratitude – Be Grateful for Your Life Now.

We live in an abundant Universe and we are abundant in nature. We get to choose how we perceive the world around us and for each of us that will be different.

First we must understand life happens through us, we are not victims, and life is only able to occur in the way we allow it. Being grateful for our life, no matter what it currently looks like attracts abundance, because gratefulness resonates (it’s on the same vibration frequency) as abundance.

We create what we focus on. So focusing on the good we have in life with gratitude will bring more of the same. Be grateful for your home, the relationships you have, the job that pays the bills while focusing on what you want, with faith and purpose, seeing yourself in the better environment, the more fulfilling relationship, the job that affords time and financial freedom. As you practice being grateful and act in your present environment, you will soon find yourself moving in the direction of your dream.

3. Forgiveness – Hold the Vibration of Love

Forgiveness is an essential part of manifesting. The unwillingness to forgive breeds anger, hate, resentment and grudges.

We build a wall that hurts no one but ourselves. Who is the one holding all this negative energy, bringing our vibration to the lower level of emotions? Us! Not the person we are angry with or holding the grudge against. They are just fine. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

To forgive ourselves and others is to let go of these negative energies, freeing us to move forward, initiating the higher vibration energies of love, gratitude, happiness, and joy.

Practice forgiving everyone without exception including you – no matter what has happened or what did not happen.

Until these people and experiences are consciously forgiven and the energy released, they remain lying doormat within and unknowingly hindering us from accessing our highest vibration of light.

What is in the past is of no concern in manifesting current and future results.

There are many forgiveness techniques that we can use. My favorite practice is the Dalai Lama’s “loving kindness meditation.” It begins with you: say, “May I truly be happy. May I live in peace. May I live in love. May I know the power of forgiveness. May I live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.” Then move onto wishing the same for someone you deeply love. Finally, extend it a little wider and bring into that field of love some of the people with whom you’ve had difficulty. The practice is to be able to sustain and hold the frequency of that loving kindness in the presence of someone you still have regret or resentment with.

Integrating these practices as a normal part of your daily life is certain to help you navigate the gap between the life you have known and the life of your dreams.

So here we are...

We recognize the discontent we feel and the longing for something more. We want a better life but if it were easy we would all just do it, right? The thing is we all start out with the best intentions, and sometimes things begin to open up for us, but soon we find ourselves sabotaging our results. Often time, without a proper structure of support, someone to help navigate the gap, we remain in the same life; even if that life is unhappy or even destructive. Six months, a year, 2 years go by and we are still getting the same results with small variations.

Here’s the key…

When you hear the first whispers of the Universe trying to get your attention, get into a proper structure of support, a coaching program that gives you a proven, reliable system and time spaced mentoring offering inspiration, support and accountability.

Lao Tzu said “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

It’s easy to get started just visit: https://pattitatro.com/dreambuilder. You will be contacted within the next 24 hours to set up your complimentary one on one Discovery Coaching Session personally with me.

To Your Dreams!
Patti Tatro

Author's Bio: 

Patti Tatro is a Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Master Energy Healer. She has worked for over 40 years as a Health Care Professional both in Western Medicine and in many Alternative Healing Modalities becoming a Reiki Master in 1998.

She has devoted over 30 years to the study of energy medicine, personal development, spiritual principles and transformational skills seeking to enrich the lives of others through healing, speaking, teaching, and coaching.
Patti’s passion is to inspire, motivate, and empower people to live a freer, fuller more expanded life as they discover how powerful they truly are in creating a life they love.