Perception or truth, which dominates your reality more strongly, which is more present in how you relate to the world and even yourself? We can all exist in both or more heavily in one or the other. If we fall too heavily on our own perceptions, we become clouded, our judgment is altered, and our emotions are presented in a way that is further from the truth of what is real. In order to know whether or not you come from a place that is purely your perception or truth is to ask whether or not you are seeing clearly. Are you really feeling what is happening or are you relating it to your past? Are you judging someone’s behavior on a reality that has passed or are you seeing them for who they are? Are you allowing yourself to grow or do you still perceive yourself in a certain way, locked into old behaviors?

We often go through our lives living with an idea of what it is and yet maintain no real presence with the truth of where we really are, who we are with and who we have become. This is part of growth and of living. It is to forever be open to what is real, to what is really happening, free of perception. To live this way requires neither strength nor stamina, but an openness to be willing to do so, to let go of our perceptions. We all have the possibility to let go of our perceptions constantly, to choose to live a life that is constantly changing, allowing our awareness to change with it, or to choose to see the world and ourselves through eyes that are clouded over by our ideas, our perceptions. It may feel hard to do this because it is how most of us live, but the truth of what life is really like often differs from how we choose to see it. It is a choice, one we make consciously and unconsciously.

To be open to seeing the truth consciously helps us at the unconscious level. When we honestly open ourselves up to the truth of the moment we are seeing clearly. When we hide from it, portray it differently than what it is, then that is when we stop being present, become unclear, and live as just another statistic in the world of existence. We can live free of judgments; we can be clear and present, forever seeing truth just as it is. It requires the choice, the presence of mind to realize what is real may be different from what you think. When you begin to open up to this, the world and yourself can begin to feel different and you may find yourself really relating to the truth, to reality, to what is fundamentally real.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life, to help others release what is holding them back, and to find their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
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