Job SearchTake a Shift as a Driver
Uber, Lyft and similar ride-sharing services are providing a sizeable income for many people who are in between jobs. If you’re someone who is skilled behind the wheel and can be considerate of those who you’re driving around, consider picking up a shift as a driver.

Deliver Groceries
Sign up for sites like Instacart and Doordash to deliver fast food and groceries. So many people enjoy the ease of delivery services. As you do a great job, you can increase your chances of earning tips and more work.

General Labor
Whether you’re great with cleaning the exterior windows of office buildings or using a forklift, consider general labor jobs. Typically, you won’t need a degree in order to complete the jobs. You just need to be in great physical health to get the jobs done. They’re usually high paying and always hiring. While this may not be a forever option, it can help you pay the bills.

Offer Babysitting Services
There are plenty of childcare agencies and sites that are looking for qualified people. If you have close friends and family members who are looking for childcare, offer to take care of their children. You can also offer your services online by creating a profile on a site like

Resell Items Online
Start with items you have in your home. Sell the items you don’t need. Consider the ones that will have a great resale value. Raid your closet to find clothes and shoes that are in good condition for reselling. Post them to sites like eBay, and Poshmark. As you earn a profit from your sales, use a portion of it to purchase items at the thrift store to continue the reselling process. Use the rest of the money to pay your bills.

Develop this routine on a daily basis to generate income.
As you develop momentum with these jobs, your work ethic will go to a new level. That’s because these jobs aren’t easy, but they build discipline and character. Plus, one of the best things you can do to take your mind off of your job loss is to make money somewhere else.

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