Auto blogging tools scrape information from other websites, based on keywords that you select, and automatically create posts for the website.

Though blogging began like a type of personal expression, blogs have grown to be an ever more central a part of internet news and information sourcing. Auto blogging is considered poorly by some popular bloggers, however the technology serves as the foundation for many highly used Web 2.0 sites, such as Technorati, Rotten Tomatoes, and Google News.

WP Robot

A paid plugin for Wordpress, WP Robot is among the most robust autoblogging tools. The plugin pulls content from ArticlesBase, Clickbank, YouTube, Ebay, Yahoo Answers, Flickr, Yahoo News, and

For affiliate marketers, the, Clickbank, and Ebay modules display products currently on offer with your affliliate ID automatically incorporated in the product link. Product reviews from the original sites load into your Wordpress site as comments.

Article content is generated by ArticlesBase, an article marketing site. Content creators submit their work to ArticlesBase so that their pieces is going to be picked up by other websites. WP Robot sources text from ArticlesBase based on keywords you select and automatically posts the articles.

Other Paid Tools

While WP-Robot offers modules for different sites and allows auto blogging through articles, video, and monetizing affiliate sites, other sites offer stripped down features and corresponding prices.

For article generation, you've got a selection of two types of tools. If you are looking to drag together full articles from article marketing sites, Blogsense-WP, a Extension, ABS, a software package, and textpressor, a lower priced plug-in, are robust tools.

The 2nd group of tools behave as feed aggregators, scraping snippets of posts from other websites. This really is similar to the Google News or Technorati model. AutoBlogged, a fixed-price model, and RSS-Ground, a monthly subscription service, are tools within this category.

While many of those tools offer some syncing with Amazon or other affiliate services, there are limited options for expansion.

Free Wordpress Plugins

WP-O-Matic may be the original and many basic auto blogging plugin for Wordpress. It's not configured to work with specific sites, like WP Robot, but could capture text from the RSS or Atom feed on any website and repost it for you. WB4B-o-Matic is really a later modification of the identical system.

For Evernote information capture users, EverPress is really a plugin that automatically posts notes in shared notebooks to a Wordpress blog.

Syndicate Kahuna is yet another article submission site that allows publishers to autoblog their content for free. Their software allows article creators to input slightly different versions of articles so that publishers can post unique, remixed versions of the original text.

For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you don't worry because there are more creative ways to do it.

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