Author: Patrick Daniel, C.A.
ISBN: 978-09867060-0-4
Publisher: PDCA Publishing

Patrick Daniel is a Canadian Chartered Accountant who has achieved success by the time he was thirty-one. He informs us that his net worth was more than an average person aged sixty-five or older according to American and Canadian statistics. However, what is more admirable about Daniel is that at a young age he realized that true success is achieving a goal that is more than monetary; it must be worthy, and it must include spiritual, emotional, health and career successes.

Daniel strongly believes everyone possesses powers that can modify ourselves and help us make changes in the way we think, the manner in how we handle obstacles, and ultimately how we feel. Once we recognize how to tap into these powers, we will discover how our attitudes change in a positive and constructive way, and thus the path to success becomes that much easier to achieve. It is Daniel's hope that after we have read Finding Your Road To Success:How to get there without getting lost that he will have ignited in us a deeper awareness and understanding of these powers.

To help us on our journey, Finding Your Road To Success provides a piecemeal approach to creating road maps that will lead us to success. The key to these maps is spread over eight chapters that begins with finding our own definition of success which may differ than that of the author's. As we read the opening chapter, we realize that it requires a certain amount of effort or a digging deeper within ourselves to question our values in life. Our definition of success is unique to us and unless we have a clear vision of what success personally means to us, we will be unable to work towards it. Fundamentally, it requires a snapshot of our strengths, weaknesses and what is important to us. Once we get a handle on how we perceive success, the next step will be formulating a road map to help us on our way, that incidentally, will also include many peaks and not just one pinnacle along the way.

As pointed out throughout the book, one success builds on another, however, there will be setbacks and mistakes, nevertheless, these will also help us in building our success. Remaining positive and remembering there are no problems but rather solutions will give us different perspectives of many of life's challenges. In addition, Daniel reminds us, every one is different, but no one is better than anyone else. Blaming everyone but yourself is a sure route to failure.

Much of Daniel's sage advice is pretty straightforward stuff that we probably read or heard about dozens of times in the past but the delivery is refreshing. His chapters are light bright flashes but nonetheless quite powerful. For example, Chapter Seven, Use Positive Relationships To Achieve Success, Daniel illustrates how the more positive relationships we have the more powerful we will be in achieving success. He goes on to point out that the “little guys”are actually the “big guys” and to make friends you must wag your tail like a dog. And finally, as we no doubt have heard many times, it is important to acknowledge our mistakes to gain the trust of the people around us.

What really stands out in this gem of a book is Daniel's use of personal anecdotes and philosophical quotes that play a vital role in conveying his message to the reader. Whether it is his tale of how he overcame some of life's difficulties or the ramifications of following a particular path, these stories convey powerful lessons. Just remember the last two famous lines of poet William Ernest Henley's poem Invictus: “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

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