Overcoming Fear of Death Anxiety: How to Stop Thinking About Death and Dying

When you suffer from any form of severe panic and anxiety, there will always be a handful of unpleasant anxiety attack symptoms that are associated with it.

It's pretty much unavoidable.

One of the worst anxiety attack symptoms is fear of death, or fear of dying.

For you, this fear of death might occur during anxiety attacks, and that's understandable. The feelings and sensations you experience during an attack can be terrifying, and it's not unusual to fear you're dying at times like those.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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As well as fearing death during anxiety attacks, it's also fairly common to experience that same fear at times when you're not having an anxiety attack.

And this is often the worst case scenario.

If you only fear death during attacks, then at least you don't have that fear for most of your day. But if you carry this fear with you at all times, it can be very damaging to your mind and your body.

So all of the above is the bad news. Here's the good news:

Anxiety, no matter how bad and how terrifying, has never killed anyone, and it never will kill anyone.

It's just another one of those unpleasant anxiety attack symptoms. But it can't harm you, and that's something you should remind yourself anytime you experience it.

It would be a great idea for you to come up with one or two little mantras that you can say to yourself, either in your head or out loud, at times when this fear of death strikes you.

Do this when you're calm and not fearful, then call on them when you need them.

An example of a mantra you can repeat to yourself might be: "I know this anxiety attack can't harm me and that it will pass, as they always do."

Having a couple of these mantras to call on will be a great security blanket for you, so make sure you come up with a couple.

Fear of death or fear of dying is one of the most awful anxiety attack symptoms you will ever experience, but simple tricks like this can help to stop it in its tracks.

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There is a lot of advice on how to stop panic attacks naturally; e.g. deep breathing, no caffeine or nicotine, a good night's sleep, regular exercise, etc. But, although they all have a part to play, they don't address the critical element in how to stop panic attacks naturally, which is your 'fear' of another attack. You will learn here why you need to eliminate your fear in order to prevent further attacks.

Why is your fear of another attack so important in stopping panic attacks (anxiety attacks)?

Someone who suffers anxiety attacks will also have higher general anxiety levels than the average person. When the average person is faced with a normal, everyday stressful situation, they are able to deal with it. But when someone with higher-than-normal levels of anxiety is faced with such a stressful event, that stress can push their already heightened anxiety levels over the top, resulting in an anxiety attack.

Now the attack symptoms are just so devastating that no one who has ever had one wants a repeat performance. So they carry around this -- sometimes unconscious -- fear that they might have another attack at anytime. This adds to their already higher-than-normal anxiety so that the next stressor that occurs triggers another panic attack. This is a vicious anxiety cycle, and, your fear is the key element.

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How can I break out of this vicious cycle of anxiety?

Because the cycle can be described like this... anxiety >> attack >> fear >> increased anxiety >> attack >> fear >> increased anxiety >> etc., you can see that by eliminating your fear you 'break' the anxiety cycle. When you do this, you stop panic attacks and, because you aren't adding to your general anxiety anymore, you can get on with curing your general anxiety.

Can drug-based treatment break the anxiety cycle?

Not really, because these drugs -- e.g. tranquilizers, antidepressants, beta blockers, etc. -- are concerned with controlling and managing your 'mood' in the main. Only you can face your fear of panic attacks head-on and remove it.

How can I eliminate my fear and stop panic attacks naturally then?

The key is to confront your fear and gain control. Don't let your fear determine the outcome. There are ways to do this, and they might take some practice, but, there are techniques you can use to help you, one of which is the 'ONE MOVE' technique that is highlighted below.

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Anxiety attacks can happen when you least expect them to. And the symptoms are so terrifying that you don't ever want to have to repeat them. So you hide away from situations that you are fearful of. And it's this very 'fear' of having more attacks that raises your already high levels of general anxiety. So that a stressful event -- that you would normally have coped with before -- can actually 'trigger' another attack.

You need to eliminate your fear of having another attack in order to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. Your 'fear' is the key element in your vicious 'cycle of anxiety' e.g. anxiety >> attack >> fear >> anxiety >> attack >> fear >> etc.

But does you mainstream drug-based treatment help you here? Well, no; these drugs are generally aimed at controlling your 'mood' by managing the chemical reactions in your brain. They can't affect the 'fear' that you have of having another panic attack.

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Sure, in the short term some folks might feel calmer and less stressed, but you can't go on taking these drugs forever -- there are many side effects including dependency -- and unless you address your 'fear' factor, you're likely to go back to square one when you eventually come off the medication. [Warning: Because of possible dependency issues etc. never ever cease any prescribed medication without first consulting your doctor.]

The key reason that some folks can seem to overcome panic attacks and anxiety naturally, whilst others have to depend on mind-numbing drugs to get by, is because those successful people have managed to eliminate their fear of another attack. They have faced their fear head-on and won that battle. Once they had eliminated that fear they were then able to work on successfully curing their general anxiety without the 'fear factor' hampering their cure.

Do me a favour right now...

Try to have a panic attack right this minute. Go on, put yourself to the test and make an attack happen. I know you can't, because you are confronting your fear head-on by actually trying to have an attack. And when you do that you are dissipating that fear.

The end result, when you learn how to do this properly, is that you overcome your continual fear of panic attacks, break the vicious cycle of anxiety, and, are then better placed to work on curing your general anxiety for good. And all without mind-numbing drugs.

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General anxiety disorder (GAD) cannot be recognized by its symptoms alone. This is because every symptom a sufferer of anxiety has ever experienced is a common symptom of some other ailment. Many of these ailments are serious. For instance, a person having an anxiety attack will often complain of tightness in the chest. It is best to get to the bottom of what is causing this tightness because this can be a symptom of heart trouble. However, once diagnosed as anxiety disorder, the patient will be told it is just a ramification of "bad nerves."

Other symptoms a person with GAD may experience could be:

· Lump in the throat

· Diarrhea

· Nassau

· Restlessness or insomnia

· Always fatigued

· Rapid heartbeat or loud thumping heart

· Missed heartbeats

· Lightheadedness

· Excessive worry

· Irritability

· Feeling of being breathless

· Always tense/on edge

Of course, any of these can be symptoms of another illness or disorder. Because anxiety is a nerve, or even fear based condition, a person suffering from it often experiences symptoms of whatever ailment or disease he/she fears the most. So, it is mandatory to have these symptoms checked out by a medical professional. This is because these symptoms would always point to something serious if anxiety were not the true underlying cause.

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Let a doctor make the determination if it is or is not anxiety disorder behind these symptoms. This is no place for self-diagnoses. After the diagnosis is made and the verdict is anxiety disorder, there are viable self-help plans you can use which will help you deal with or even overcome it.

Self-help in overcoming anxiety is a completely different thing than self-diagnoses. Since anxiety doesn't require an operation or medical procedure per se, self-help can be very beneficial because it is something you can do at your own pace. However, misdiagnosing the cause of lightheadedness could result in a very serious medical situation. So, leave the diagnosing to those folks with the stethoscopes around their necks.

Some possible anxiety disorder self help options:

· Progressive relaxation

· Self-hypnotism

· Online forums, anxiety groups

· Books

· Self help tapes/CD's/DVD's

· Studying the human nervous system and the effects of adrenaline

· Support groups

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