Despite the harshness of life that obstacles bring, finding a soul path is like finding the light that leads us out of the cave. The soul path is the bright, shining spiritual path of life and hope, that once found, will guide and lead you to life meaning, peace, love, and joy. Walking on this soul path ensures a deeper connection with God, the Divine, and with the nature of the Earth.

Picture a golden path that shines through the darkness and despair of life, and picture yourself walking on that shining path, away from the darkness and unable to be harmed or pulled back into the darkness. Reaching this path becomes a critical milestone in your spiritual journey, that once reached, you feel a sense of deep inner enlightenment in your soul, as if seeing the world through whole new eyes.

Finding your soul path may happen through numerous different ways, depending on the person. The methods seems endless, through prayer, meditation, a life epiphany, an influential person, spirituality and religion, etc. You may encounter it by chance, or perhaps you are actively seeking the soul path when you finally encounter it. Encountering this spiritual path will ensure that you walk on a path of light that leads away from the darkest places of life and lead you toward the light, as well as prepare you for the glorious afterlife.

There’s no right or wrong way to finding your soul path. Even if you can’t encounter it right away, you can actively or passively seek it through prayer and spirituality (connection with God), deep meditation (connection with self and the cosmos), or even just a walk in the park. Do what it takes to get away from the busyness of life and work and stress, even if for a brief moment, and your soul path will be there for you.

What are some indicators that you’ve found the soul path? Walking on your soul path ensures that you begin to feel closer connection spiritually, whether it’s with God, self, cosmos, nature, and you begin to feel more joy, peace, and love in your life.

Even troublesome obstacles fall away when you stay on the soul path. Stress and worries melt away and you appreciate the beauty and simplicity of just spending time with the ones you love, or enjoying a simple pleasure, or viewing a delicately formed snowflake on a frosty window. You begin to realize that there are people you can reach out to for help, and you are definitely not alone in your struggles.

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Misty Woodard is a spiritual counselor and psychic teacher, who has taught hundreds of students worldwide about developing and pursuing psychic ability along a spiritual path. You can find out more about her at her website about psychic powers.