If you wear a gray alien masque on Halloween you might become an astrologer. Artifacts of Mesopotamia point to the meaning of the eye that houses the stars; if you have eyes then you will know your destiny. In the skirt symbolism of early tablets that are from the continent of Africa and other artifacts erroneously placed in the Middle East and used by the Merovingian group (since the trees in the tablets are consistently baobab trees not indigenous to the Middle East; however are to Africa. Flowers from the baobab blooms that then become fruit; symbol of the fruit of life later adopted by the Cabala and Gnostics. A baobab flower represented as the flower of life used by many schools and the fleur de lis symbol of the French later devolved to became the Roman Catholic Churches crusade symbol of the cross. Study the roman art to find the flower all over male entities (that represents genetics of the womb coming forth as future generations) with the religious dictation of knowledge to women. Jesus was hung on the absolute ignorance that the cross at that time represented. In the symbol of the Rosy cross that was used by the Rosicrucian and connected to Freemasons after the crucifixion of Jesus as a sacred symbol replacing the baobab flower used earlier and the lotus of the seventh energy center. Could it be that Jesus became a thorn in the side of his accusers and was crucified with the thorny crown and later became remembered as the 'rose' symbol from a lovely blooming bush with thorns? The Rosicrucian movement heralded the truths of those going against the grain of traditional religion with some persecution by religion and therefore suffered symbolized as the rose Christ symbol persecuted. What is important is to recognize that it may be erroneous to romanticize the suffering as Christ hood for it rely meant the persecution of Christ hood against the church that stated that Jesus was the only Christen being and not inclusive of common people coming into enlightened wisdom that followings like the Rosicrucian order and Freemasons embraced in secret society standing to stay safe. During the time of the Knights templar the red cross was used as a symbol of martyrdom where the 'skewed' Christ hood protectionism that paradoxically ostracized the original free conceptualizers that held more of the Christ hood ideal than the martyrdom red cross bearing Templar knights that begot the religious crusades. What does humanity still not understand? What the fish means the symbol of the Christ: upon studying the ancient hieroglyph texts of Egypt and Mesopotamia it is evident that the symbol of the fish begins with the ovum with an ex at the bottom of it that if you continue the shape and join the ends it creates the fish; the swimmer and the ovum as one symbolizing a great royal bloodline of genetics. Most scholars missed this interpretation that is so obvious if texts are studied correctly.

Degradation of sacred symbols occurred with the loss of understanding of the ziggurat tower structures as representing hyper space with initiations into the knowledge that later became highly politicized prizes degenerating consciousness of future generations.

A being that is below with a knife is cutting through the substance that layers like pine cone representing the seventh energy center through history. Around the head dress of the beings is a similar serrated style indicative of slicing through heaven to find the eye. An ibis waits to him streams of fish from a male, unafraid of the subdued, horned goat at his foot; pour forth the wisdom of immortality he may attain. Another figure hands him the fruit from the tree to help sustain the being at his task. On the left there is a lion with the head of an eagle representing abundant, fertile hunting as earth and sky meet and the being holds an arrow ready to hand it to the being on his expedition if he looses his way.

Eight pointed star in the sky represents the space craft of the extra terrestrial people of Nin Harsag who brought symbols of a more enlightened culture to early Earth; an event to which we still lack correct dates. Geometrical building was instructed to the earth workers in Africa where some of the earliest buildings of the locals resembled sand castles. Interesting how children seem to know how to tune in to Earth's history from 'star people' without an astrology chart. Why is Taurus constellation largely a hoe shape? To comprehend that study Ahhotep's story and symbols

Star seeds, star people, horoscope casters, wiccans, Illuminati, and other students are wise to remember that the 'Akasha' or what I call in Blue Matrix Energetics 'Cosmic Mind' is like stacks or the layers in the sand stone above in terms of layers of information you may access. Ziggurat, nudge wink experiential halls contemplation.

Which period in earth's history do you desire to access the repository of highest enlightened art, science, astronomy, architecture that is you remote view heritage? New age has created much from such periods in all areas. New age of what? What then is a New Age of Enlightenment? Constructing a Renaissance of mind and spirit that builds upon excellence of contributions through the ages and continues with new genius mind, is one example.

On-line these homes with windows like honey combs built in the same style of those serving the houses of Anu who knew the genetics of nature and taught it is where the workers of those times dwelled. Rooftops like cacti symbolized water stores or the well of deep, genetic emotions within that opens the codex to know. Such is a way that visits to ancient ruins thousands of years old where the construction and visitation of those cultures has embedded both a geological archive of the time possibly stored through the mineral of rock and soil and the cosmic mind repository by those who lived there, often causes visitors to the site a powerful experience including nausea, headaches and body changes for those unaccustomed to any type of energy work.

Dagon and what was later called the ziggurat architecture of Mesopotamia and earliest pyramid structures of Egypt; geometric formulations as great buildings of knowledge. So the pyramid as foundation for early architecture brought to earth pointing to the heavens is recapturing early observers'. As stated the early tablets of Anu explain what astrology, begun in Egyptian times, which devolved and continues to this day pointed to. One of the best links I have found to artifacts from pre to Egyptian dynasty artifacts is: http://xoomer.virgilio.it/francescoraf/index.htm
Excellent archive of information well worth the study that embraces the hieroglyphs and artistic symbols of highly evolved, early civilization Royal houses.

If there is a time period that repeats architecture and symbols then quality of the information changes with a different vibration due to the mind that created the repository. Soul's codex is a secret key that only you have to open gates of knowing. If your soul it is too busy giving you a headache or acid reflux, see sessions, the key is unavailable. Seeing a psychic or having your chart done is a distraction from reading cosmic mind yourself. What stack are they going to put you in? Discernment is a must when examining any information. Understand that the early systems of philosophy recreated by some in the new age movement all use symbols that date back to our earliest times. Understanding the symbols creates and Enlightened age where have tools to learn and create fruitfully instead of repeating the misinterpretation of the past.

Prevalent in the Egyptian and pre Egyptian dynastic periods are the following symbols of fertility and DNA; the baobab fruit and the water lotus flower with the long stem. What is a continuity of the greatness of the original tree with its softly scalped, large white flowers and the bread shaped fruit is broken up in tablets depicting the royal families with the lotus flower. Large bodies of water have represented the emotions or subconscious emotional realm for many thousands of years. A flower blooming forth from the depths of waters with the flower resembling the seventh energy center may have the significance of the wrestling of the emotions over the higher consciousness center blooming away from torrential emotions. Mastery over the emotions a reminder that if the line of the tree representing sacred, geometrical soul code of DNA from the tree to the flower to its fruit; that even the garden of Eden story alludes to as now inclusive of the couple eating from the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, (usually not depicted as the original baobab tree revered by the earliest recorded, non biblical tablet texts). Knowledge was of the procreation act of fertility to reproduce as humanity with the sacred knowledge in tact of the ancients that knew the heavens depicted in the hieroglyphs and stone etchings without forgetting the meaning which coded their children' DNA. Water lotus flower was a possible reminder then of the torrents of emotions that could cause wars, circumcision rites that began at the latest by the fifth dynasty as discovered by archeologists in mummified remains, and the instability of religion beginning from the inclusion of other lineages of genetic people included into the later Egyptian dynasties.

An example of great destruction by those revering symbols brought by new comers to Egypt is the period of Akhnaton who attempted the resurrection of the philosophical system of the first pre to third dynasty Egyptian people whose tablets had been moved to locations such as Mesopotamia and attributed to those lands instead of where they originally came from. Problem number one with the embracement of those tablets depicting the earliest dynasties is that the people from other countries who became a part of Egypt through history claimed them as their heritage when they in fact rejected a lot of it and formed their new belief systems of worship depicted in the great example Armana created by Akhenaton and later destroyed by the opposing priests. The son Tutankhamen later also murdered as perhaps he would have walked in the footsteps of his father Akhenaton and not embraced the new ruler ship style.

Building styles have clues to things that the Egyptians hid in interesting places such as the tall pillars with the lotus flower bloom at the top with various stages of petal density. This symbol representing the seven energy centers as depicted by the tops of the variance in petal density was also used in many aura and 'chakra' charts much later. Architecture of the 'being' reaching to the 'heavens' is prevalent in the Egyptian culture and began to grow more profusely outward in that way compared to the early ziggurat structures that held the forms within the smaller pyramids where the knowledge was shared and lived. Stories of the Royals and their attainment as hinted by the hieroglyphs disclosed what each excelled in as the strength of the being hidden in the symbolism of their language. Morphogenic properties of the consciousness in the costumery that blended nature with the soul key symbols is the adornments of the ancient Egyptians that exemplified unity of the Ka and Ba and their travel vehicle was the Mer ka ba; vehicle of light. The bee symbol used very early in the dynastic and predynastic periods is also holding a naure DNA pattern that is held lovingly on Earth in wto ways: One is the ancient Ziggurat structures built by the rulers who knew the meaning of and held the genetic patterns of enlightenment and these resemble the bee body if you look at the little insect up close. Angkor Wat and other ancient, sacred temple sites on earth have this built formation of revered geometry. Second at undergrounds such as Manchu Pichu there are naturally growing rock formations that grow such towers that resemble exactly what the ancients constructed. Through Greece, India, Italy, Asia and other places all over the earth the sacred symbols are repeated in hidden artistic prowess that expresses the soul code keys of the people and their understanding of the symbols at the time they were created. No religion was attributed to the early use of them; this became a trend later through history after the Egyptian dynasties rolled out intermingling with other races of Earth. I am one who knows the meaning of the Stella of Merytnieth; The letter A of masonry and the cross representing a pyramid set over a baobab fruit; the fruit of the tree of life. This was passed down through the dynasties of those of us who reincarnated as the great kings and queens of some of the pharonic dynasties and knew that symbol and our families used them in other Stellas, tablets and writings to honor us and continued to do so through history through all the eras.

Note regarding ancient historical dating: Dinosaurs lived a long time ago. What would be the chances that a brontosaurus would eat fruit form a baobab? Would he be tall enough to reach the tree fruit? Dating of our Earth's archeological finds is likely way off. So the limitation of astrology is that it leaves the rest of the Milky Way galaxy out.

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