B: Benefit from being an optimist. Benefits and blessings are yours when you see the benefits and blessings that flow from a particular situation. Better outcomes are yours when you choose to look for all the benefits and blessings in each situation.
L: Look on the bright side, the sunny side, the feeling that the future is rosy and you can make it rosy. May you reflect upon how you can up your levels of optimism. Language is powerful. Practice making it a positive force in your life by using the most optimistic language you can muser.
E: Eternal optimists have more fun, because you see the fun, joyful, cheerful side of life. Eternal optimists expect the best outcomes. Thus do what optimists do: Expect the best outcomes always.
S: Sunny dispositions are similar to the feeling of elation and positive feelings that optimists have about the future. May you be blessed with the sunniest disposition ever!
S: Successful outcomes may not always be guaranteed, but believing in the most successful outcomes is certainly the thought process of the optimist.

Y: You should be proactive in your optimism. Say to yourself that you will be more optimistic and then go out of your way to be more optimistic.
O: Obviously the O here stands for Optimism.
U: Use the power of optimism to bounce back from any set backs or disappointments along the way. Bounce back, bounce up and do bounce continuously. That is the power of optimism at work.

B: Burning desire is the start of wanting something. To get what you want you need to know what you want.
L: Love what you do, and use love as a power to be more effective in all you do. Life’s abundance is part of you and is within your reach. Let love propel you forward to reach it.
E: Express the purpose that is sincerely you. Express that purpose sincerely and you will fill your world with abundance. Emotions add power, so put as much passion and determination into your activities as you can muster.
S: See in detail, from the sounds and colors to the smells and textures of what you seek to achieve, and add the elated emotions you will enjoy when you have reached your target.
S: Scoring goals is what winning is all about, so think of ways that you can score goals.

Y: Your true nature wants to create and achieve. Every day, allow your true nature to be fully expressed.
O: Objectives and goals are important. Getting what you want should be the goal.
U: Understand what you truly desire. Know what you want and then you can work to make it real.

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