Once, the arrogant god of passion thought of a prank. People were leading peaceful lives. They lived a life of hard work, affection and laughter. God of passion could not endure this and he thought of harassing them. Hence he spread his net of illusion.

God of passion entered the minds of all and thus everyone oozed with innumerous desires. Previously people with their meager earnings live contented lives and the remaining time was used for world welfare. Thus everyone was happy. But when desires manifested people became agitated. They desired wealth, status etc. first these yearnings were less but when each one ran in that direction they started competing amongst themselves. Each one desired to march ahead and lead the race. Who will hoard more wealth, will enjoy more sense pleasures, who will boss more over others; competing thus people lost rationality and by hook or by crook wanted to succeed at any cost.

Due to this competition in fighting ensued and the mind was now full of jealousy, hatred etc. Incidents of oppression and suppression were on an alarming rise and thus the fire of revenge took over. Thus those whom one trusted were not trusted now, friends turned foe and gentlemen became vain. The intellect of wise was snatched away by pigeons as food grains. The cry of the oppressed and sarcastic guffaws of suppressors echoed in all directions and its reaction spread terror everywhere. Everyone became fearful and they were full of suspicion. So far human cooperation gave zest but now the doors of progress and peace were shut. People were now so immersed in carrying out wily acts and fattening their pockets with cash that most required and important precepts of true living were ignored. Now life became baseless and a burden.

God of passion was even now not satisfied. He created such an illusion that people preferred remaining in this quagmire and never thought of getting liberated from it. More and more sense pleasure based objects were designed. So much material that fired sense merriment was produced that the mind and intellect always yearned for it. The intellect believed that sense enjoyment was the be all and end all of life and hence the body set about running after and hoarding it. The attraction for beauty, decoration, pomp, desires, merriment etc grew so much that yearnings ran amuck. It looked as though the goal of human life was sense based desires and merriment. Man had no direction to go except sense pleasures.

The soul ensnared by the noose of every creature’s sense desires got agitated. God’s wonderful creation viz. this world was now entering a rut and thus reached a shameful state. Earth now bowed down its head in shame. Mankind taking a deep breath said: Alas! Did creator create us only to remain demeaned?

God of passion was very happy with his illusory power’s prank. He had bound everyone with its noose. He had mastered everyone. Now who remained to be won? He knew that this world had a controller and hence he should attack the latter. God of passion did exactly this. God’s nature is meant for establishing justice and good management for which since time immemorial self control and austerities are made use of.

God’s nature changed and devotees demeaned that too. He was made a symbol of desires and merriment. God’s worship was now done through the medium of pomp, decoration, dance, enjoyment etc. Methods of worshipping God like austerities, renunciation, self control and service was thrown to the winds and God’s biography was discussed in such a way as though he was under the spell of sexual passion, merriment, pomp etc. People thought if they merely praised God he would be pleased. As a result they thought God would ignore their weaknesses and despite being tainted in character God would give them boons. Thus god was painted as one who is unjust. When devotion’s this sort of nature was reigning God’s soul was angered. Alas! How lowly has that god of passion painted me?

God and mankind both were wailing. Not only was the illusory net of god of passion magnetic but was dire too. One could neither catch it nor leave it. When the situation became unbearable the souls of earth and sky approached Lord Shiva and reverently said: O Mahakal! The world’s deplorable state is now unbearable. Only sense merriment rules earth and it is not apt that its beauty and glory fades thus. Man, the crest jewel of God’s creation is only immersed in sense based desires which is not right. Only you can transform this unbearable situation.

Lord Shankar in a meditative state saw that indeed the situation is dire. He realized that change was most required and hence decided to use the same ploy as he had many times used in the past.

Lord Shankar was very angry that god of passion had used a tainted prank that maligned both man and Almighty Lord and hence decided to overcome god of passion’s illusory power with his Trishul weapon. The Lord opened his 3rd eye and as a result a blazing inferno manifested. This inferno burnt to ashes all forms of illusory power and god of passion too died. The world got peace and God along with mankind regained their true inner nature. When mother earth and human beings regained their lost glory demigods played various musical instruments and in all directions Mahakal was eulogized.

This episode of ancient times is repeating itself today. God of passion has incited world human psyche with innumerous desires. So many mediums of sense merriments have been created that one always gets trapped by it. Selfishness is on the rise, sins are becoming terrible and flames of hell are blazing forth in every arena. The situation is unbearable and we are standing on the precipice of total destruction. The souls of earth and sky are praying for protection. So it appears that Mahakal will definitely open his 3rd eye. This 3rd eye situated between the eyebrows is nothing but the power of discrimination. When it opens spiritual ignorance dies and thus numerous problems get solved. The present day Thought Revolution is but the opening of God’s 3rd eye which on taking the form of a blazing inferno will destroy all mockeries of ignorance in this era. Thus it will result in a healthy and clear viewpoint. After these attainments no obstruction will come in the way of world peace.

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