We’ve developed our theories from empirical research in conjunction with a complex system of checks and balances involving comprehensive astrology and numerology, handwriting analysis, and intuition.

Our findings show that important life events, conditions, and trends are represented by patterns of indicators in the comprehensive charts. In other words, both the most rewarding and challenging things in your life, like connecting with a certain business contact, career success, falling in love, or family issues, are symbolized in the charts.

Relating to comprehensive numerology, we sometimes encounter a person who has a significant over-abundance of a select root number, such as the number 8.

Extreme over-balance (or under-balance, an under-represented number) can be emblematic of tough challenges, but typically the subject also possesses innate talent symbolized by the specific root number.

Note: we believe astrology and numerology symbolize; they don’t make things happen, nor do they influence anything. For instance, changing your name won’t change your life.

Here are seven things people with the number 8 heavily represented in their comprehensive charts appreciate:

1. The career military officer knows his job inside and out and is no stranger to taking on heavy workloads. Everyone who reports to him knows they better get it right the first time because he demands competence. Nothing makes him happier than a subordinate who goes above and beyond the call of duty.

2. This type of government worker may not be the norm: throughout her career as a federal bureaucrat, she has amassed considerable influence and loves to exercise it objectively and fairly. Her actions are apolitical and her job satisfaction is off the charts, knowing she is positively affecting millions. She constantly strives to do her job the best she can within the guidelines of federal law.

3. Since deciding she wanted to be a doctor, she’s had a burning desire to be an important figure in her chosen niche--She’s yearned to make a real difference. Now she’s one of the top researchers in the field and has changed the world for the better with her findings. Knowing she has helped save the lives of millions of people gives her immense joy.

4. He loved calling the shots under pressure, leading his team to Super Bowl victory. This quarterback knows no better feeling than that of his team depending on his leadership and risking it all for glory.

5. Her first and second marriages weren’t great, in her view. But her third includes all the trappings of success due to her husband’s wealth. Thus, she is satisfied. For her, material things can buy happiness.

6. He never thought his long-term romantic partner would become famous and an over-night success. But here they are, in high society, partying with other celebrities. To his surprise, he finds himself appreciating his partner a whole lot more. He’s embarrassed to admit that he is relishing the newfound, elevated status and that he would never want to return to being anonymous.

7. The director is known for his talent and joy of coordinating complex scenes; the more sophisticated and stress inducing, the better. He also realizes it’s one of the few things that will keep him from lapsing back into bad habits. Pushing himself to the limits generates a delight he finds addictive.

Like any root number, the number 8 has both negative and positive qualities, and is not inherently bad or good.

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