Add the total sum of your month and day of birth to 5 (the number of the universal year 2012). For example March 3 is 3+3+5=11=1+1=2 personal year. Or October 4 is l+0+4+5=10=1 personal year. Or December 25 is 1+2+2+5+5=15=1+5=6 personal year.

1 PERSONAL YEAR---This is a year for you to grow up. Perhaps you have been like an angry teenager rebelling against your parents (earthly and Divine!). Perhaps you have felt wronged by society and the universe and have done everything negative to try to make every one see your plight. This is a good time to end the rebellion and realign with your inner male, inner female and your direct inner knowing. The world will need your contribution as social systems and behavior break down all around you.
There are so many new facets of your personality and being that need to be uncovered and brought out into the light. Your inventiveness and sense of original thought are at a high level and you may come up with something new that has both practical merit and potential monetary benefit for your pocket book. You meet other creative souls (both on this material level and perhaps on other levels) who are similarly inspired to bring forth an original contribution to mankind at this time. It is a time to lighten up and loosen up and let yourself live in all dimensions with all harmonious and kindred spirits.

2 PERSONAL YEAR---What have you been hiding? Is the daily image you present to society and your peers really you? Perhaps you have chosen a self image that aids you in your daily survival, but is it getting you what you want? If you take time to discover and connect to your true eternal Self image you will find yourself in tune with the year and the cosmic tides that are bring huge change and awakening to this planet. Your public role may soon be changing and you could be asked to speak out about the lies around and eternal truths that are being given to you.
If you have been playing a role to please mom or dad or someone else you now have the opportunity to become free of the need to please others and find out just what it is that pleases you. You will find yourself being consulted by many and consoling those who are lost and confused amid the chaos of the times. Your negotiating skills are now being honed and you find others listening at critical times when the information you have to offer is inspired, wise and exactly appropriate for the situation of the moment.

3 PERSONAL YEAR---You are bursting now with refreshing inspirations and moments of creative brilliance. Your desire to live and love and experience your deepest feelings reaches a new peek of passion. Perhaps you are hesitant to take the leap of faith and follow your creative dreams. Old sexual memories and experiences of abuse come to the surface and are ready to be recognized and resolved. You find the right one to assist you as you work through old fears and guilt patterns. Your new found freedom of body, mind and soul lead you to people and circumstances of harmony and the sharing of similar heart felt interests.
You could find yourself ready to be called upon the stage of life to perform, educate and entertain. Suddenly confidence replaces fear as you take your place upon the pedestal of performance and move your audience with your sincerity and simple form of presenting truth. This is a time of singing, dancing and painting your life experience upon the canvas of life. You do this with an exuberance that is both inspiring and guiding, especially to those who wallow in the fear and doubt created by the chaos of the times in which you live.

4 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps you have been frustrated with your work and the direction that life has been leading you. Perhaps you have become enslaved in a workaholic pattern that has given you some financial security and recognition, but little self satisfaction. This is a time to find your place in humanity, for humanity and with your own humanity. Through effort, fate and foresight you are guided to work that brings you both great joy and a confidence of accomplishment beyond your expectations. There is a sense of being at the right place at the right time and doing what your heart has wanted to do for seemingly ages.
Your efforts of labor are no longer tedious and trying as in the past. You know that what you are doing is what you want to be doing and you do it well. You see your efforts clearly contributing the improvement of the world around your and helping to bring stability to an environment that is rift with uncertainty brought on by the chaos of the world around you. Your course is steady where others founder and sink. Your enable those around you to settle down and become productive given the pressure of the times that they are enduring.

5 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps you are coming out of a time of addiction or substance abuse of some form. Perhaps you have been struggling with issues of family dysfunction and the anger and frustration that go with such a background. Your now find yourself maturing through the rebellion and resentment of your past and turning it into a stepping stone of growth and new found progress. A different set of friends and associates surrounds you and support your many assets and skills. You are like a playful child that just discovers a big chunk of life that had eluded you for so many years.
You could be called upon to travel and teach and share what you have found with the many lost souls of the times in which you live. This contact with different classes and ethnic groups of people can be an inspiration to your learning process and opportunity to discover interactive human tools of communication that you did not realize you had. Your travels in this world (and perhaps into others) expand your sense of appreciation for creation and the diversity of life that it offers us for our personal growth and learning. An awakening attunement to the cosmic principles underlying life brings astonishment and awe into your awareness.

6 PERSONAL YEAR---Perhaps you have struggled within relationships and with your relationships. Perhaps the relationship that you seek with yourself has been elusive and never quite what you wanted it to be. Perhaps this is the year to become more acquainted with your human nature and the potential of your inner woman and inner man. This is a time when you see past traits of codependency and dysfunction with a clearer eye. You move from survival mode to living with yourself and the partner in your life. As you learn to take responsibility for your needs and feelings you increasingly want to pass on your learning experiences to others.
This year could find you volunteering to render assistance to those who are emotionally fearful and insecure as you have once been. You may even find yourself turning these desires into a permanent path of endeavor that becomes a career or life commitment. This is a time of healing and being around others who render compassion and care rather than criticism and control. Your introduction to alternative modes of healing may lead you into a new field of alternative growth and realization.

7 PERSONAL YEAR---You may never have enjoyed quiet times more than those moments you have for inner contemplation this year. Suddenly you are receiving information and guidance that astonishes you with its accuracy and meaning fullness to your life. Your have read, researched and studied for most of your life and suddenly discover that much of what you have searched for can come from within your own meditative process. Spiritual and metaphysical revelations zip through your consciousness at near light speed. You are learning to catch them in your butterfly net of awareness and turn them into meaningful applications for your exterior living.
Your intuitive mind races through realms of previously unnoticed levels of information. It will take some time to learn how to assimilate all of the information that races through your awareness. You may decide some time soon that you would like to teach others how to embrace the expanded states of their awareness and particularly how tap into the fount of universal wisdom that is coming into our planetary consciousness at this time. Your religious training is being challenged, but you soon recognize that there is little, if any, conflict with the growing spiritual paradigm you see emerging within.

8 PERSONAL YEAR—Perhaps you have avoided responsibility or roles of leadership that have been offered to you in the past. Perhaps you have been the victim of abuse of power and do not trust or listen to authority figures that are suspect to you. Perhaps you have fought with your own inner authority even at times when it has proven correct and timely. As you work through your past distrust and fears, you will find yourself being thrust into roles or responsibility and influence. You discover that you can do the job and, in fact, relish the opportunity to take on the responsibility of leadership.
You find yourself empowered as you learn to trust the source of power that comes from connection to your own eternal source within. You seem to know what to say and how to take the lead at the right time. This is a time of learning more about the laws of prosperity and abundance. Your instincts of organization come in handy and people follow your guidance during this time of chaos and break down of traditional authority figures and institutions.

9 PERSONAL YEAR---What have been prolonged periods of doubt and sometimes despair are turning to longer periods of hope and repair. You find a tendency for cynicism becoming less influential in your day to day encounters and activities. Suddenly dreams and things you have wanted are coming into focus and you are inspired with the opportunities you see in your life. Your imagination and intuitive thinking are highlighted and bring inspirations at just the right moment. What was once thought to be impossible is suddenly within your grasp.
You find your creativity and imagination soaring to lofty heights of perception at this time. You may find yourself flooded with images coming in from a higher level of the universal consciousness. This may be the time to find a tutor or mentor who is familiar with the transformation of consciousness and the various states of transition that one goes through during transformation into higher awareness. You could see one of your fondest dreams coming into manifestation as this year unfolds.
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