The Irish have always had a special feeling and place for the Leprechaun. It has long been believed that they knew the secret to success in everything. In his inspiring yet slim volume, the author has dipped into the ancient Irish folklore, sayings, and blessings, to give us a clear path to discovering our own pot of gold. Having a 'Leprechaun In Your Pocket' could be the way to finding the treasure chest of secrets at the end of the rainbow.

If you are interested in learning the laws of life, then you will not go far wrong if you treat yourself to a copy of Doug Evans's book 'A Leprechaun in your Pocket'. Doug has been a student of the laws of life for many years and has been studying under the master teacher - Bob Proctor, one of the stars of the Movie 'The Secret'.

I really enjoyed the book for its special style. It is not a book to rush through all in one read, then expect to have learnt everything you need from it. This book is very special, so you need to take it one day at a time. It provides a useful reading for each day of the month and each time you read the pages for the day, you gain another insight, or a deeper understanding of what you have read before. Why not read it before breakfast, while the coffee is brewing? Yes the sections are that short! Perhaps you could dip into it on the train on your commute to work. If you make it a part of each and every day, you will soon feel the benefit.

This book provides a wealth of inspiration and more importantly motivation. It could keep you and your family on the path to success from day one.

The author is a family man too, married to Mary Ann with four children, Debbie, Mike, Pam and David, and seven grandchildren. He is a person who inspires not only by what he says, but by the way he lives his life.

A good description of the book could be as follows: old Irish sayings, blessings and songs, which have taught us about God, love, friendship, laughter, giving thanks and taking time to enjoy life. The book captures these thoughts and relates them to today's daily living.

Ponder and reflect on the things you read, let them enter your heart and influence your way of thinking. Slow down, take time to think and then you will figure out what changes are needed for you to truly enjoy life. Find your own personal Irish rainbow.

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