NLP Trainer Michael Beale explains the main characteristics of setting outcomes, and how they should be big, bold, audacious and motivating. They should set a direction. When they cease to motivate they should be changed.

One of the key benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is that it has a very effective approach to setting outcomes and goals. An outcome that is easily achieved has five characteristics

1) It is focused on achieving something positive rather than avoiding something negative. Achieving something positive is simpler to understand at a deeper, less conscious level

2) It can be described through, at least, the most basic senses - Visual, auditory and feeling language. Therefore ensuring the outcome is related to the world in which we live.

3) It is under the control of the individual setting the outcome. If the outcome is not totally within an individuals control, it is important that they give priority to the elements that are under their control.

4) It is of genuine benefit to the individual concerned and those closest to them

5) That the individual knows what the smallest next step that they can take is and can enjoyably imagine themselves achieving it

These characteristics act as a useful guideline, as through the process of addressing them outcomes naturally and comfortably become easier to reach, or through reflecting upon new information, an individual may decide that the outcome in question may not be worth them pursuing, potentially saving them a lot of time.

The best NLP Courses will also demonstrate to delegates that :

Outcomes should be big, bold, audacious and motivating. A key predictor of the efficacy of an outcomes is whether or not the individual is able and prepared to take the necessary action to achieve them. Ensuring that outcomes are motivating is an essential part of making it easier for the individual to take that action. They should set an empowering direction. When outcomes are no longer motivating they should be changed.

Outcomes demands focus. They make a goal much easier to achieve. There are times in life where setting and achieving goals are really key. However, there are other times when not setting outcomes are equally useful, the ability to trust and let go and may allow you to enjoy the journey more.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Beale is one of the UK's leading NLP Trainers and Business Coaches. For further details see Michael's website NLP Courses. Michael is Co Host to the On-Line NLP Conference.