Habits. We’ve all got some great ones and some really bad one. The ability to quickly and consistently create new habits is a major factor in anyone’s success.

Studies and research has found that it takes us 21-40 days of consistent, daily action to create a new habit, and a little longer if we are not taking daily action. When setting a new goal or target, personally or professionally, one of the easiest ways to reach it, is to set a new habit. Here are some examples:

Goal: Pay off a credit card debt

New Daily Habits: (1) commit to using cash only for 30 days (2) create a “warrior line” or debt ceiling and refuse to go over it

Goal: Book one new creative gig this month

New Daily Habits: (1) invest 20 minutes every morning reviewing your promo materials to make sure they are your best work and in-line with your personal brand (2) reach out to 1 person every day for collaboration or partnership

Goal: Sign 3 new clients or contracts this month

New Daily Habits: (1) spend 30 minutes every morning marketing to attract new clients (2) set aside time every day to review one of the following: your message, your materials or your plan

Goal: To Lose 10 pounds

New Daily Habits: (1) run or walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill 5x/week (2) no food after 8pm

So you get the idea…. To help you out and to stay consistent and stay on track I’ve put together a “Daily Habits Tracking Log” . It’s yours! Completely free, no gimmicks, no strings or email addresses attached.

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Life & Success Coach & Mentor, national speaker, author of "Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales" and the creator of the Life By Design™ & Biz Breakthrough™ Coaching Systems. She helps clients strike the sweet spot between simple self-care and accelerated growth, designing their lives and businesses rather than living them by default. Hunter has worked with men and women in the entertainment industry, the legal profession, health care industries, artists, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs across North America.
Hunter is regularly called on by the media to comment on a range of issues related to personal growth and success, always with an eye on life balance and well-being.
You can find out more about Hunter at: www.HunterPhoenixCoaching.com