Each case is different, however there are many similarities and shared issues underlying auto-immune disorders. Included here are several approaches to tapping for weakened immune system conditions or symptoms.

Often when one suffers from an auto-immune disorder they are treated as though they have made up the symptoms or are over-reacting. A symptom of the disorder is often a foggy or disconnected mind, so it is sometimes difficult for the patient to explain feelings and symptoms to a physician. Many patients feel angry at not being believed or understood or able to represent themselves well, so let us tap on the anger and other emotions first.

You may start with the following set-up statements while tapping the karate chop point - on the side of the hand between the base of the little finger and the beginning of the wrist (personalize these with your own words for your own situation), and then focus on the feelings as you tap each point in the regular EFT sequence and just talk to yourself about choosing to let go of these feelings or symptoms now.

“Even though I feel angry that the doctor doesn’t understand me, I deeply & completely accept that I’m doing the best I can do now.”

“Even though I feel angry and misunderstood by the doctor and others, I deeply & completely accept that I’m doing the best I can do now.”

“Even though I feel angry at this condition and what it’s done to me, I deeply & completely accept myself for doing my best now.”

“Even though I am angry that my fuzziness of mind keeps others from really understanding, I deeply & completely accept myself.”

“I choose to let go of this anger & frustration!”

“I choose to feel at peace even if these others don’t understand what I’m going through.”

“I choose to allow the Power that made the body, to heal the body!”


Next, while working with auto-immune issues I find that often people simply feel like victims of their condition and their body. They have probably been told by doctors that they just need to get used to this different lifestyle of fatigue or pain. Many are already on disability, unable to work or fully function in their lives when they seek the help of an EFT practitioner. Many of these people have lost hope and have started to surrender to the dis-ease in their body.

At this point I like to remind the subconscious that it can let go of this condition. And, I also get in and start to focus on why the condition might have been created in the body to begin with… what was the initial frequency of stuck energy that attracted the auto-immune weakening process, the toxic event, or the subconscious introduction of dis-ease? When the core issue is discovered and cleared, then the symptoms can leave the patient.

So, here are a few set-up statements to get you going to clear out the acceptance of victimhood: Start by tapping at your "heart point" with your index finger over the thymus at mid-upper chest, middle finger at cleavage, ring & pinky below between breasts - tap there and feel your reaction to the situation. Then move to the karate chop point with the following set-up statements. After that you can tap on all of the regular EFT points while focusing on your inner feelings of hopelessness, victimhood, anxiety, frustration about the situation, over-all fatigue of life itself, etc. [See my free Intro to EFT package at: http://is.gd/FreeEFTPacks .]

“Even though I’ve been told that I have to live with this, I deeply & completely accept that I am doing the best I can do now.”

“Even though I feel like a victim to my body, I deeply & completely accept myself for giving it another try to get well. “

“Even though I feel like a victim to this condition, I deeply & completely accept myself for giving it another try to get well.”

“Even though I feel hopeless about my future, I choose to keep moving toward health, and for this I deeply & completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’ve lost hope as I see my body getting worse with this condition, I choose to keep moving toward health, and for this I deeply & completely accept myself.”

“Even though I am so tired of searching for miracles, I choose to keep moving toward health, and for this I deeply & completely accept myself.”

“This condition may be subconsciously trying to protect me from something, and I choose to clear the original issue that is causing this condition.”

“I choose to be guided to the modality, the practitioner, and the best time to clear this condition out of my subconscious and energetic field so that my body can heal.”

“I choose to let go of the underlying causes for this condition so that my body can heal. This is for my Highest good!”


Next, after the subconscious mind has been brought to attention and blocks to worthiness to be healthy are cleared, it is time to go back to any traumas, accidents, losses, major life shifts that occurred right around the time that the condition started to manifest symptoms. The roots or genetic predisposition to getting ill could have been carried since conception, however something in life triggered this dormant condition and since then illness has prevailed.

Some sample set-up statements may include tapping on the karate chop first while making the following statements, and then holding emotions from that event and tapping them away at each regular EFT tapping point.

“Even though ___________happened and I have been ill ever since, I choose to get beyond this event/injury/accident/loss/shock.”

“I love myself, and I choose to let go of the trauma of that event/injury/accident/loss/shock.”

“Even though I feel like I’m experiencing the ‘dark night of the soul’, I choose to return from this ‘dark night’ and heal my body.”

“Even though I have suffered greatly because of that event/injury/accident/loss/shock, I deeply & completely accept myself and the fact that I’ve always done the best I can do in each moment.”

“Even though I experienced so much emotion when that ________ happened, and I’ve been carrying it ever since, I deeply & completely accept and love myself. – In fact, I love myself so much that I allow myself to let go of these emotions I have felt about ___________.”


These are just a few steps that I routinely take when working with clients suffering from auto-immune issues. I have experienced good success working with a variety of cases using my form of N-hanced EFT (a combination of EFT plus NET/ Neuro Emotional Technique). I hope this information serves you well!

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Dr. Anne Merkel is known internationally as Energy Psychologist and EFT Coach Alchemist with The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services . She specializes in using N-hanced EFT, an energy clearing modality combining NET and EFT for success and wellness. Join her monthly Autoimmune Support Group at: http://is.gd/autoimmunegroup . Anne invites you to learn how you may clear inner blocks, self-sabotage, and pain to reclaim your pure potentiality by visiting her EFT Coaching site and receiving her e-guidebook, Ten Keys to Pure Potentiality. She regularly works with Health & Wellness Practitioners of all kinds to guide them to use Energy Therapy in their practices.