I am honored to write about the truly amazing children I have met who possess remarkable abilities to heal, see energy fields, and embrace a 6th sense. I vowed to one day write their story, and now the excitement of publishing a book about them -- and the many others who are being born now with spiritual abilities, is exhilarating!

What makes this book unique is that it explains our changing world and shows how spiritually gifted children are an integral part of our evolution There are easy to read guidelines for parents who are raising such remarkable kids. You see, many of the children coming into the earthplane now are extremely sensitive, and as a result, they are challenged in many areas.
These children have been given several lables: Indigos, Crystals, etc. But many peopIe are unaware of the increasing numbers of special children like these. I am telling their story to spread awareness, and offering practical guidelines for parents and all of us, really, to more easily provide the spiritual, physical and emotional support that these children need.

I am asking for your help. . .

I would like your input as to the title for this book. I have several ideas floating around, and I would love for you to let me know which title appeals most to you. Your feedback is valuable, and as I am in the processing of editing my manuscript, I am at the final stages before publication. The sooner I decide on the title, the better. Here are the choices so far:

What the Children See. A look into the lives of spiritually gifted children

Picking up Vibes. Recognizing and nurturing children with spiritual powers.

The Children in our Midst. A Guidebook to identify and nuture spiritually gifted children.

I appreciate your taking the time to send me a message indicating your title preference.
Thank you so much for being a part of my miracle in writing this important book!

Serving in Love, Light & Joy -- Linda Carter Backes, RM

Author's Bio: 

Linda Carter Backes is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide and Mystical Fochaadams intuitive reader.
She is the owner of A Radiant Life Center for Body, Mind & Spirit in Charlotte, North Carolina
where she provides Reiki sessions and training,Light Body activations, readings, and other
related services.

As a high school English teacher for twenty-three years, Linda had the
opportunity to meet remarkable teenages, who became the inspiration for her soon to be
published book about spiritually gifted children.

Become a member of her website at: www.lindabackes.com