Every once in a while people drop the “C” word while talking with me:

“How many calories are you eating daily?”

“I have no idea.”

“What? You’re a Fitness expert. You should know that stuff!”

No I shouldn’t.

Most people and many Feetness Eggsperts (guys and gals who call themselves experts but their qualifications are being born with great genes, knowing how to pose on Fakegram and training themselves) ignore one of the fundamental truths about fitness:

Fitness is not a lifestyle. It’s part of a lifestyle”

- Fotis Chatzinicolaou

(yeap, just quoted myself)

The point of Fitness is to get a body you can be proud of...and help you keep it.

To do so, you should make as little changes as possible in your lifestyle.

So, if I can maintain a nice body without counting calories, why not do so? Why should I weigh my food...calculate calories, proteins, fats, carbs...and get gluteal retentive if I overeat? That’s not how I want to live my life.


If you look at my diet, you'd say it's boring.

I eat the same 12-15 foods, 90% of the time (a common habit of every lean guy and gal I know)

As I explain in my book Sculpted Grecian Body, if I wanna gain muscle, I increase my fats and/or carbs. If I wanna lose the flab, I decrease my fats and/or carbs.

Thanks to my “program” I maintain a 4-pack year-round. I get nice pumps when training. And, I can even eat my beloved souvlakia and some ice-cream once or twice every week.

But what if, for example, I wanted to compete in bodybuilding?

First, I’d kill myself.

Then, if I miraculously survived, I’d weigh my food and count calories and macros religiously.

But I’m interested in maintaining strong erektions year-round (with excessive dieting, this would be impossible.) Plus, I have poop-y genes for arms and chest. Even if I did compete I would rank berry-berry low. The reward:sacrifices ratio for getting stage-ready doesn't excite me.

So, I can't imagine myself ever counting calories again.

Now, are there others who need to count calories?

Of course.

If you're overweight, you should start counting calories today. Doing so, will give you something I call "caloric awareness." That's what happens when you understand at a deep level the effect each food has on your waistline.

When you do, you make better choices for life.

And, eventually, you lose the extra flab and the gut.

Anyway, amoral of the story?

Fitness should be part of your lifestyle.

If you enjoy calorie counting, keep at it.

If it helps with your goals, again - keep at it.

But don’t think it’s a *must* to get a body you can be proud off. Before the 80’s, people had amazing bodies. And they never used once did they use doodads like MyFitnessGal, Feetbit, and Darmin.

OK, enough calorie counting for the soul.

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Author's Bio: 

For a decade, Fotis Chatzinicolaou has been helping men over 30 look great naked while minimizing joint pain. He's also the author of the book Sculpted Grecian Body