For most creative types and spiritual entrepreneurs, “sell” is the really dirty four-letter word. Nobody wants to do it, talk about it or even think about it! But without a little self-promotion, you, your services and your talents end up becoming the best-kept-secret in the biz! So how do you get in front of people and tout your brilliance without feeling pushy, arrogant, or salesy?

To help you with this I’m sharing my top 6 Secrets for Truly Shameless Self-Promotion.

1. What to Say. Before you talk to anyone you have to have a really good story. This is what I call “knowing your lines”. Take the time to write down what you do in one clear, concise, inviting sentence. It should go something like this: “I help ________________ with ______________. “ or “I work with ___________________ to do __________________.”
Stay away from jargon or industry terms, and remember, you’re not trying to convey your life’s story, just an interesting promo for what’s to come.

2. Practice Practice Practice. This should flow off your tongue as easy as asking for a glass of water. If it’s not, then there is some incongruence there. Are your really confident in what you’re saying, or would you like that to be the truth? Pick something that fits for you right now, that you are going to love to say. It’s not engraved in stone! You can always (and probably will) revise this in a few weeks time.

3. Test it Out. Make a commitment to try out your “new lines” at least once a day. It may be at a professional gathering, at a party, or just in the local coffee shop. Notice people’s reaction. If repeatedly you’re not getting the response you hoped for, it may be time to revise.

4. Friends First. Don’t try to sell everyone you talk to or turn them into a client – that’s not the purpose of this new opening line. You simply want to say something that is interesting and engaging. If you are talking to the right people, and saying the right thing, they will automatically ask for more info, to talk to you longer or even for your business card.

5. Get New Business Cards. Okay! Tell me that I didn’t just bust you on that one! Do you love your card? Are you enthusiastic to hand it out? If it’s time for a redesign, do it. Make it memorable and always be sure to include an “invitation” on the back.

6. Get Out There! How many people are you talking to every week and telling them about all of the wonderful things that you are doing, providing and offering? Aim for at least 20 this week. (and no, Facebook and Twitter don’t count!) Send emails, pick up the phone, write a piece for a trade publication or attend an event. The more people that know about you, the more likely it is that the word will get passed on.

Remember, it’s not really all about you. Self-promotion is just letting people know what you do, so if it benefits them or someone they know know, it’s a win win and we have a match. Whatever you are doing, I can guarantee that NO ONE else is doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same way. Your gifts are unique and brilliant and beautiful, and the world needs more of that

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Life & Success Coach & Mentor, national speaker, author of "Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales" and the creator of the Life By Design™ & Biz Breakthrough™ Coaching Systems. She helps clients strike the sweet spot between simple self-care and accelerated growth, designing their lives and businesses rather than living them by default. Hunter has worked with men and women in the entertainment industry, the legal profession, health care industries, artists, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs across North America.