With the help if inner energy and awakening of that which is latent man gets uplifted high. This is a fact and it is also true that an atmosphere made radiant via austerities, education, association with great saints etc too play a powerful role in it. It has been seen that a very ordinary person of a certain community with the help of an intense flow makes the impossible possible due to zestful and zealous effort. In ancient times deep thinkers and Munis played this role. They were immersed in austerities and via the powerful means of writing and speeches helped radiate the thinking of laymen. Such spiritual practices helped give birth of many high stature characters. By awakening their latent potential the direction of society changed wholesomely. From the bodily standpoint even ordinary people manifested talent, skills, great thinking etc.

It is well known that the class of deep thinkers and Rishis are parts of talented people in the spiritual arena. Rishi is that person who via austerities conjoins his body to divine consciousness and thus help ordinary people benefit both materially and spiritually. Munis are those who via deep thinking, reflection and self study play a major role in sanctifying world psyche. One symbolizes sacredness and the other skillful radiance. Both get immersed in austerities so as to become extremely subtle. Hence ones inner nature becomes cosmic with immense spiritual power. This power helps them transform world human psyche. On the one hand Munis have freedom to make use of visible spiritual means there on the other hand for Rishis it is not a must. They via their subtle personality can sanctify the subtle atmosphere.

Socially speaking the term Manishi is used for that person whose mind is under his/her control. Manishi is one who is not guided by the mind but whose thinking guides the mind. Such an intellect is called Prajna. Scriptural seers say: Manisha asti yesham te manishanaha. Along with this they also say: Manishi nastu bhavanti pavanani na bhavanti. There are many Manishis, there are highly intellectual people but they must be pious and pure minded. It is not necessary that brilliant intellectual people are always pure hearted. It is one thing to be intellectual and another to be sacred in nature. Looking at today’s circumstances this is absolutely true.

Today there are many editors, intellectuals, writers, researchers, scientists etc in every nook and corner of the world yet they are not Manishis or deep thinkers. Why is that so? This is because via energy of penance and mental purification they have not become pious in character.

Today there is no dearth of literature available. On noting that the number of magazines/books etc has augmented greatly the world over it seems as though great thinkers are in plenty. Even the number of readers has become great. And yet despite this why do we not see a great positive change come about in world humanity? Why is it that the pen of certain writers merely incites people and after reading that literature the satiation of readers increases? If one looks for its cause one will have to come back to what we said above: pavanani na bhavanti. Ere literature were written with the aim of uplifting world human psyche and a yearning to read it were induced in the intellects of all say, would we see the taints of world society which are being witnessed today? If at all there is a solution of daily living problems it lies in the hands of true deep thinkers of the world.

Just as I have said previously that if a new era ushers in it will only come due to thought purification. If a revolution sets in it will not be with blood and weapons but with good thoughts uprooting vile thinking. If society is to be neo created it will be due to sacred character and thinking. Today whatever taints are witnessed in world society it is due to the influence of so called intellectuals. It is the intellectual class that has played a major role in hatred, wars, sectarianism, widespread human slaughter etc. Ere they were to follow the path of sacredness, if their psyche were great, if they had gathered energy from penance they would have given birth to a wholesome flow of science, they would have written desirable literature devoid of taints and would have authored pious movements everywhere. When Hitler wished to superimpose Nietzsche’s superman in his own personality he at first radically converted his countrymen’s thinking in this direction. He saw to it that teachers, scientists etc accepted the Nazi mode of thinking and via this unwholesome effort created ‘Mein Kamph’. He succeeded in changing the direction of thinking as per his whims and these were seen in education syllabus, books, magazines, newspapers etc of the entire nation. Germany with the ego that it was the greatest race in the world induced man slaughter the world over and ultimately it too perished. This also is a change of thought direction and yet if it were to have been wholesome in nature Germany could have become a powerful nation.

Karl Marx who lived a life of lack gave us such an economic philosophy which created a social revolution. Capitalists were defeated and socialists too were now less in number. This designing in the form of Das Kapital ushered in a new era wherein laborers got their rights. Further wealth was disbursed equally and thus thousands of people got joy and got the freedom of living independently. Rousseau also laid the foundation of democracy. Freedom to vote, leaders to be chosen based on majority etc were encouraged. Lest Rousseau’s thinking had not pervaded everywhere those who were mighty would have crushed the downfallen. None could have even objected all this. It would then have been the rule of unwanted kings who came into power simply because they were born in royal families. This can be called a revolution inspired by thought transformation and that in a short time those who ruled arrogantly were uprooted. With reference to this along with Lincoln and Luther King I have talked a lot about that great lady Harriet Stowe. Her mighty pen helped end slavery of black skinned people. This is a visible role played by era thinking.

Buddha’s thought revolution based on discrimination and human values and Gandhi, Patel, Nehru’s freedom movement is a symbol of that subtle great thinking which created a mighty flow and the era started transforming. It is not as though they authored books that incited people. Then how was all this possible? This only happened when they played the role of a great Muni or deep thinker. They heated their psyche via austerities and thus the environment too was influenced positively.

Even today the world situation is dire. Human race swinging between grandeur and destruction will have to be tapped at the faith level so as to uplift it, awaken its farsightedness and discrimination etc. It is illusory to think that material means will help in this. Since there is weak faith in the psyche spiritual philosophy and spiritual practices are required. Spiritual seers time and again look after this dry arid world psyche and help it overcome delusion. Spiritual energy is far greater and potent than scientific discoveries. It is spirituality that uproots inner taints and instead replaces them with potent wholesome thinking. In order to embed sacredness and skills in various personalities I made great thinking its medium and thus am dreaming of a radiant world future in the 21st century.

Chief amongst my important decisions for my future life of seclusion is giving a wholesome direction to world thinking. For this such a thought flow will be created which under no circumstances will allow vileness to exist. It is the downfallen thinking of world humanity that has created undesirable situations everywhere. These situations are very dire and fearful. In order to transform this environment like Vyas, Buddha, Gandhi, Karl Marx, Martin Luther, Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman etc I will have to play the dual role of a Rishi and Muni. Thus via visible and subtle efforts a thought based revolution will set in. This effort is possible only via intense austerity based spiritual practices at the psyche level. Its visible form will be great thinking which creates high stature literature. Via the Akhand Jyoti magazine I had resolved 47 years back to do this and I will shoulder its responsibility in future too.

In a subtle way I played the role of a Yuga Rishi with the aim of creating the foundation of those researches. Today’s world denizens demand logic and scientific proof for everything and I too want to place forth before them scientific spirituality. I will succeed in my effort if today’s modern science pays heed to this scientific spirituality and thus can walk on the path of wholesomeness. How should experiments be conducted for Self realization? What is the scientific basis of meditation-concentration? In the advancement of mental energies how do spiritual practices help? By reawakening Ayurvedic Science of Rishi era how can bodily and mental health be rendered apt? Via Gayatri’s sound power and energy of Yajna fire how can the inner personality made powerful and sacred? How can the body be rendered full of life force so as to overcome dire circumstances? Via the ancient applications of Astrological sciences how can world humans benefit keeping in mind contemporary times? Many such questions have I researched into under the aegis of Atharvavedic Rishi tradition. Via its auspicious beginning I have given an apt direction for thought to the intellectual class. In my subtle aspect I will ceaselessly nourish it. If the thinking of all scientists swerves in this direction and if they deeply reflect on soul advancement they will definitely attain glory. Via my deep thinking and data attained from spiritual research my resolve of benefiting world humanity will fructify in my austerities of subtlizing the psyche. Future times will definitely show these results.

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