When our bundle of joy came into our lives, everything is all about them. As a parent myself, I tend to channel so much energy and attention to my child that I often neglect taking care of myself. I busy myself making sure that everything that are used on my child, worn and eaten by my child are the safeties, healthiest and cleanest. I never stop worrying, caring, protecting, providing no matter how old my child has grown. How about me? Have I forgotten that I too am important? In fact, we need to care for ourselves far greater so that we are fit and healthy enough to continue caring for them.

Our busy schedule is no excuse from keeping us living a healthy lifestyle and caring for our own well-being. Is really our choice to manage good health around our busy schedule. I take conscientious effort in establishing my all-round health regime and you should too.

Key Ways To Care for Yourselves

1) Mentally

It is known that mental health is important. You will have a healthy body if you have good mental health. Many researches easily found on many websites had also shown that patients with good mental health show improvement in their conditions and are less reliable on medication.

Take time to enjoy what you like to do.

I love reading and will take 15 minutes to read a short paragraph or article before going to bed. Find the best time in the day to do what you enjoy even if it is just a short one.

Keep your social life active by connecting with others.

I hang out with different group of friends for coffee or dinner once a month. Connecting with friends of different interest and profile keep me away from dwelling on the same topic and that I find interesting and uplifting to my spirit

Ensure that you have ample rest and relaxation

This is definitely challenging especially for parents with babies and young children. I remember I will always try to catch up with housework, cooking or other chores while my baby is asleep. Resting is often forgotten but it’s really important. Do rest, nap or just do nothing while your baby sleeps or your child is away. Go for a spa, body massage, foot reflexology, seek out an activity that can truly relax you. Whenever I am unable to leave the house for any such activities, I practice ancient methods of pure natural healing. These are Chinese ancient techniques by applying gentle pressure on your body at specific sequence which not only relaxes a person mentally and emotionally, they can help to heal common ailments.

2) Physically

Drink plenty of water at least 2-liter daily

This is nothing new to a lot of us yet we can conveniently rush through the day without taking enough of it. Keep a 2-liter water bottle near you. I bring one along wherever I go. Once you started the habit and stick to it unfailingly for 3 weeks, it becomes your second nature.

Keep yourself fit by exercising at least 10 minutes a day.

I am a busy working mother. I need to lose some pounds, trim my belly and get in shape. I love food too much to go on dieting and working out in a gym or away from home is a luxury. So I started my home exercise routine 10 minutes a day yoga, losing weight in a natural and healthy way. Yoga was a good choice for me cause I love the pace and the movements. So is important that you choose an exercise that is right for you and one that you like to keep you going. If you are unsure what you like or what suits you, just try out everything and you will eventually find one you enjoy. For product recommendation you can refer to https://www.reviewsbypeople.com

Eat healthy

It was said that one should consume between five and 13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. This is equivalent to about 2 1/2 to 6 1/2 cups daily, depending on the amount of calories you need to consume for your weight and level of activity.

Take time to care for your appearance and doll up yourself for yourself – looking good and feeling good makes you more confident and happier

Honestly, when it comes to looking great, I don’t believe in needles, I have no patience in time-consuming treatments and I am not willing to spend a fortune. I am no expert in how to look great so I turn to expert to learn, in a natural way, again in the comfort of my own home.

3) Emotionally

• Be grateful for little things
• Recognize that stress is forever here. Learn to manage it.
• Don’t insist on perfection. Is ok to make mistake
• Laugh more

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