There are 10 very unique steps you should apply after finish your yoga teacher training course.
1-First, make a Certification document- It makes sure that you have kept the all copies of your certification, yoga attendance files of all classes you have to attend, your remarks at every class. all of them you be suitable to keep in your hand & helpful for future at the time applying for new teaching opportunities.
2-Buy yoga liability insurance- It is too necessary to have proof of asset insurance, to protect your health injuries from yoga practice 7 when you are applying for yoga teacher positions.
3-Contact with an accountant- Now you are able to establish your business finally. You should be contacted to a good accountant or other kinds of tax professional person, who can guide & give good instruction about your finance.
4-Offer Assistance- To assist in classes at any local yoga studio. this is the best way to enhance your yoga practicing and keep continue to learn and develop an existence in the studio's community. the best way to develop yoga instructor leading the class & management and working with various students.
5-Design your Resume- Resume is the tool to represents about you & your skill, ability to get a better job. There is you show up your complete information and talent for being perfect.
6-Research Market Yourself- Today there is more competition then you should proper research & analysis. At starting time you have to need to a website to promote your skill, must connect to social media or digital marketing.
7-Regulate your rate- At starting your rate will vary on basis of geographic area or marketing/ promotion. Your rate will be increased on behalf of experience or quality of your management or teaching way.
8- Create your Professional links- As you beginners, you have to create more professional link locally or the world wide to gain more knowledge and proof your liability or trust in society. The social link is a more strong network for great start-up.
9- Keep teaching on regular basis- If you are looking a career for in yoga teaching than make sure continue your yoga practice at a local studio, donate your aids, teach senior citizen at their home. It's your effort helps to increase your teaching approach.
10- Be patient- This is an important thing to make in your mind. While you are making your professional yoga exercise. so never give up and focus on your goals. all things happen on right time based on your practice and dedications.

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The AYM Yoga school located at Rishikesh in India surrounding green hills & near the holy river Ganga. The Association offers certified yoga teacher training courses 200-hour yoga teacher training, 300-hour yoga TTC & 500-hour YTTC through best Instructors.