Marketing at its core means writing and speaking powerful words for sound bites, headlines, articles, or social media. No matter what the point of contact, getting into your readers’ mindset is crucial for success. The vast majority of solo business owners naturally write from their own mindset, using their own viewpoint and their own words to attract prospects.

Some powerful and famous coaches proclaim that your prospects are just like you. They give strong advice to use your own mindset to write and speak to your market.

But is this valid?

Sometimes. But then again, sometimes not.

If your business targets people on a journey that you have walked—such as coaches helping others through challenges they have faced themselves—then yes. You and your prospects are on the same journey. You are ahead of them on the path, and you can show the way, i.e. cancer survivors helping others through the emotional trauma they have also faced. In that case, your prospects will resemble you in some area. You share the same mindset in this area of your lives.

However, if you offer a skill or insights where your prospect is weak—such as a business coach who is a natural at spotting and developing scalability for business growth—then your prospect will not be like you. Your strong points will bolster their weakness. Marketing to your own mindset will attract people who look at your programs and yawn. They’ll take your freebies and run with them. They don’t really need you at all.

Mindset involves stress points and framing. Stress points are the inner tugs that we all have, the problem we live with at the deepest levels. For example, leaders who are also caregivers feel a tremendous responsibility to be sure everyone within their sphere is safe and well. They crave fulfillment, the sense of a job well done with the status and respect they deserve as a result. They also long for time off, with nothing to remind them of their responsibility—no phone calls, no email, no worries—where they can rest mentally as well as physically.

If your prospect is a leader and caregiver, those 2 stress points create a frame for your marketing campaign.

You could say, “Ever wish you could afford to get away where the only sound you hear is surf and sea gulls? Where someone else minds the phone and takes care of everyone while you snooze on the sand?” Your leader/caregiver prospect feels a physical reaction to this word picture.

This is a powerful frame for your marketing. Using this mindset, you could create many campaigns with various images showing how your product or service will meet a deep longing she lives with every day. Now you’ve got something that’s every business owner’s dream—an irresistible offer.

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