I do not have time for dreams, reality is waiting…

We all need some time just for ourselves. You need some space to be only who you are, to do what you want to do. You need to take off the costumes of your roles in life. Only you, not a  husband or wife, son or daughter, mother or father. Just your name.

Modern times come with a lack of time. We do not have time for anything, although we have all the tools to make our lives easier and faster. We are all in a rush. This is why a short time with yourself is so precious.

What is best to do when you are alone with yourself?

If you are lucky to have some time for yourself, what do you prefer to do?  Hobbies are the most popular ones to taste those times. Read, run, paint, create, investigate or just listen. You should not forget to listen to your dreams. Dreaming is not only for the dreamers. Do not you get tired of the reality? Would not it be better to offer your mind a short break?

If you believe that only reality brings success, that means you have everything you wanted in your real life. Do you?

Dreaming is one of the most affective keys of success. It is like a mental exercise to succeed. Dreaming is a way to set real goals to yourself. It is the easiest way not to be regretful at the end. Dreaming helps you to decide what you actually want.


Reality Vs. Dreaming

It is easier to shift among dreams than reality. You can dream whatever you want and shift among them till you are satisfied with the result. This is the fun way to tell your subconscious what you actually want. Dreaming will adjust your mind with the same direction of what you actually want.

You do not need to lie while you are dreaming. No one else know your dreams. You do not need to make explanations. Your dreams do not have to be realistic. You do not have boundaries like social status, financial problems, lack of knowledge, courage or anything else that keeps you away from what you want. You can find out your exact passion.

How will you use that in real life? You will set your goals in a line with your passion. That way you can achieve your goals and succeed.


How Dreaming Affects your Mind Power

Whether you notice or not, your mind is always busy with your reality. It is also in a rush like you. When you stop thinking consciously, your mind finds or creates things to work on. Generally, leaving your mind on default mode is not a wise idea because it begins to SOLVE puzzles. It is good to solve your problems in your sleep, but do not you think that it will be better to find a way to achieve your dreams instead?

Your Mind Creates Reality

Your mind is both the source and the tool of your reality. That means you can use it to shape your life in a line with your dreams. You need to lead your mind consciously and give it your dreams to solve how to reach them.

Do not be in a rush. You can always find time to dream while running, cooking, driving, at a coffee break or in the bathroom.

Give your dreams a chance…

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Nil Celen is an investigator about how to improve success in life, based on scientific studies from Worldwide universities.

Her articles focus on two basic points;

  • Why you fail?
  • How you can succeed?

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