If you want to build a huge building somewhere a huge crater has to be dug up. Mud, stone, bricks etc are unearthed by digging the ground. At one place we build our house and elsewhere a crater is dug. On witnessing the number of poor, illiterate, sorrowful, diseased, and backward people in the world a thought crops up in the mind that if wealth generated was equally shared with one and all everyone would have an equal status of life. Lack is artificial. It is only for one reason that it has manifested and that is that a few people thought of hoarding more wealth on the basis of beliefs in science and tangible proof. They say that ethics, good will, sacred sentiments, equality, spirituality etc should be ignored since they are full of ‘bondage’ which our ancestors thought were most required based on theism and religiosity. Tangible proof does not believe in all this hence on what basis can powerful people be convinced to imbibe good will and sense of equality? When birds and beasts cannot be convinced to become ethical and selfless, on what basis can man who is said to be a descendent of apes be convinced that although he is free to earn as much wealth as possible he must not use it entirely for selfish ends? He must also imbibe the tradition of wholesome use which involves justice, aptness, good will and sharing with everyone. Ere man was to imbibe spiritual tenets, then on the basis of material development, everyone would benefit from material comforts that augment. Entire world humanity hence would be happy and prosperous. None would behave unethically and thus none would have to endure its harsh results.

On the one hand modern science has given us many amazing material comforts there on the other hand it has grabbed the same away from us too. Some powerful people lead heavenly lives and the remaining majority rots in poverty. If only science had imbibed great wisdom then progress based on material and spiritual precepts would have equally benefited entire world humanity. But what can be done where on the one hand science gives us power and comforts there on the basis of tangible proof refuses to accept ethics, religion, self control, love, responsibility etc. Under such situations it is natural that the powerful who imbibe unruliness become demonic. Their augmented power, which was meant for uplifting the weak will definitely instead oppress them. So called progress and development tells us that it is high time we imbibe ethics, human values etc.

For example attainments got in the name of progress should not be seen as its superficial pomp but instead its bare realities must be gauged. Factories built in the name of industrialization have polluted both air and water. Augmentation of atomic energy has rendered the atmosphere so dire due to radiation emission that even if a 3rd world war does not take place future generations will become crippled and handicapped. Excess use of fuel and energy has rendered the atmosphere so hot that oceans will overflow when snow on mountains melt and that ozone layer of the atmosphere may leak so as to allow cosmic radiations to enter earth. Chemical fertilizers and medicines for killing germs, worms etc are making earth poisonous. The speed with which oil, natural gas is being unearthed and used it appears that in a few decades it will get depleted. With increase in noise pollution people will turn insane. The aim of education will only be to fill the tummy and will have nothing to do with building a wholesome character. Food that is eaten for just taste may result in various diseases. The rate at which titillation and lewdness is encouraged man will lose his life force and there will be no remnants of intellectual skills and gentlemanliness. Nature will become barren since birds, animals etc are being killed at an alarming pace. In human relationships one will see only dryness, hard heartedness and lowliness. They are not wrong when wise leaders of the world say that world humanity will collectively commit suicide. Addictions to drugs, alcohol etc is on the rise speedily and hence man will fight man like mad dogs.

The direction in which the human race is headed not only will it lose importance but will shatter its very existence too. If a mad person lights a pile of gunpowder with a matchstick know for sure that our heavenly earth will become a pile of ash. It seems that science’s advancement and simultaneous decrease of wisdom will definitely create more and more dire situations.

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